New York City Voting Information

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From : NY C Board of Elections

Where To Vote

Polling places are located throughout the city. You can vote ONLY at your
designated polling place. Make sure your are at the correct polling site
and Election District/Assembly District (ED/AD) for your address.

Polling Places open 6:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.
If you are not sure of that location you can find you poll site location by:

* Search with the Online Poll Site Address Locator at

* Call the Voter Phone Bank at 1.866.VOTE. NY C

* E-mail your complete home address to us at <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> and
we'll e-mail your polling place location back to you. (Please put in
the subject line the borough in which you reside.)

Making the Polls Accessible

The Board has made a concerted effort to increase the polling place
accessibility for senior citizens and handicapped voters by removing
physical barriers to the voting area at New York City polling sites.

The effort includes:

* Installation of curb cuts to assist voters with wheelchairs in
gaining access from street level
* Construction of building ramps or temporary ramps for voters with
canes or wheelchairs
* Miscellaneous repairs to doors, handrails, light fixtures, and walkways

In some cases, polling places have been relocated to more accessible
buildings within the same Election District. 99% of all city polling sites
are now barrier free, however, problems remain at some sites. Voters who
feel that their site is inaccessible may call the **Voter Registration
of their local Borough office for information.

** Brooklyn
Diane Haslett-Rudiano - Chief Clerk
Mary Rose Sattie - Deputy Chief Clerk
345 Adams Street , 4 Fl
Brooklyn , NY 11201

Tel: 1.718.797.8800