Food Allergy Resources

Do you find yourself hyperventilating at even the work peanut (or gluten, dairy, etc).  Here is a round up of the folks out there who can help!



PSP Food Allergy Group
Join the PSP's Food Allergy Group to connect with other local parents about how to help and support your child with allergies. Not a PSP member? Sign up here


Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE)
The FAAN/FARE website is  managed by well known and well credentialed allergists and which offer up to date and evidence-based information on all things allergic.


Be sure to check out the resources area of their site for loads of free resources and webinars,


Kids With Food Allergies Community


Meet-ups for Food Allergies in Brooklyn
Here's a look at some Food Allergies Meetups happening near Brooklyn


More resources and advice from PSP members:

Looking for an Allergist? Be sure to check PSP Member recommendations of allergists HERE

Food Allergies and Halloween: What to Do?


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