Stinky Diaper Pail? Solutions

Question:'s hot and the Diaper Champ is not smelling too good...any suggestions?

Suggestions from the List-Serve:

There was a thread about this a while back. If I recall, the consensus
was to place an open baggie of ground coffee in the bottom of the
Diaper Champ, which will absorb the odors (and possibly smell like the
bathroom at Starbucks, which still could be preferable to what you've
got now.)

Good luck!

We use Charlie's Soap (which is really a detergent) for almost every
kind of cleaning in our house, from laundry to things like garbage and
diaper pails. It really seems to get the smell out of stuff,
especially if we mix it with Borax. I'd try a mixture of Borax and
Charlie's with hot water, let it sit for a while, and see if it works.

Another option for diapers: We use the endless supply of plastic
grocery bags we accumulate. Drop the diaper in a bag, turn it a couple
times to seal it, then fold over the remainder of the bag to seal it a
second time. Repeat with second bag. You now have four layers of
plastic protection, no diaper pail refills to buy, and you are using up
all of your plastic shopping bags.

A few drops of tea tree oil is what I put in my cloth diaper pail to keep it
from stinking. Its a natural disinfectant.

i use a diaper geanie 2 and put a dryer sheet in the
bag. it seems to not be stinky. i take it out
every other day.

Easiest way of avoiding odors is to dump the poop in the toilet and flushing
before tossing the diaper away. It makes a world of difference.

We have a dog that loves a poopy diaper appetizer now and then, so we would put
the poopy diaper in plastic grocery bag, tie it up, and hang it on the door handle
for the next person who goes outside to take with them. This keeps the odors surprisingly
well contained. You could probably even just put the tied up bag in your kitchen
garbage since that goes out the most often. We gave up on the diaper genie after a while
because it was more of a hassle than the previouisly described method and was still stinky. For
the pee pee diapers, we just put them in a trash can that had a step-on pedal to open
the lid, and  there was a gasket around the lid to keep the odors in.

As for diaper order, I use Good Sense Vanilla scented tall kitchen bags in our
pail and have never had an odor problem. We use cloth and have a once a
week delivery and pick-up.