Remedies for Teething

Help with Teething

Remedies for Teething

Anything cold – here are a variety of cool favorites:
Frozen teething rings
Ice – rub an ice cube along baby's gums.
Frozen juice slushy or popsicle
Cold spoons
Frozen bagel or banana
Frozen washcloth

Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen– these are both safe and
effective pain
relievers to help your baby, and you, get some sleep.

Teething gels– there are various over-the-counter
gels, pastes, or
liquids that numb the gums. Pat the gums dry with a
washcloth, then
apply a small amount only on the area of the gums that
is bulging.
There are several drawbacks to these, so we suggest
you only use them
as a last resort:
They taste terrible
They travel throughout the mouth in the saliva and can
numb the
tongue and lips
It is easy to use too much
Baby may swallow too much

-tylenol, tylenol, tylenol!! get the right dose from
your doc, and
then then give every 4 hours.

-Try a damp baby washcloth twisted up and frozen in
the freezer..

-I recommend Tylenol or Motrin (although I'm not sure
at what age
they are allowed Motrin, it might be 6 months). It
should help with
the pain, and will last longer than Orajel

-we've been using a homeopathic remedy to treat our
son's teething
proplems called camilia - it's a liquid which you
squirt into the
baby's mouth. very gentle stuff, i think it hasn't got
an unpleasant
taste and it really seems to help relax him and soothe
the pain. once
i did use that baby orajel after my son had gone
through a long bout
of crying and writhing around - he fell asleep within
moments but i
know that people are very much against that stuff for
the same
reasons you hate it. really the camilia is the only
stuff that seems
to directly work - frozen teething rings don't do
much. my aunt
recommended letting the baby suck on a frozen wet
washcloth which i
haven't tried. my mother recommended rubbing his gums
with some kind
of liquor - whiskey? gin? i dont know because i never
did try that
one either. teething cookies can help if your child's
started eating,
esp. if you place them (or apples, pears or other
foods) inisde a
little teething food holder which he can suck on
without fear of
biting off a piece he isn't able to chew.

-I use also the homeopathic remedies of Humphreys #3
for Teething or Little Teethers tablets from the
makers of Little Noses. I'm not sure what they do but
it seems to work.

-We used Boiron Camilia which you can get at the
natural foods store
on 7th Ave or from It is homeopathic
and worked really
well for us. our daughter is 2 now and getting her
real molars and we
still give it to her - but , all the way through
teething, when she
was really miserable Infants Motrin was the only thing
that gave her
relief when it was really bad. We would give her the
camilia- up to 3
doses in an hour and if that didn't do it we would
give her some

-I've heard that oragel doesn't last for very long.
You could try the
Highlands teething tablets which are sold at many
pharmacies and are
essentially herbs but that didn't really work for us.
I think what
worked best for our daughter was something cool to
chew on and
Tylenol. Good luck.

-i used hyland's teething tablets (everyone will
recommend them
too)...i am not sure how well they work, but you have
to kind of keep
your finger in their mouth while they dissolve and my
baby likes that
anyway! also, the best, i got one of those mesh bags
with a handle
on the end for feeding babies/toddlers so they don't
choke on pieces
and i put frozen peach slices in it. he loves it. i
got my mesh bag
thing at boing boing, but i think i saw one at cvs on
9th st. too.

-Try a wash cloth wet with cold water (you might even
stick it in the
freezer for a few minutes). It seems to feel good to
chew on the
washcloth, and the bonus is that you can also use it
to swipe away
all the drool!