Diaper Rash

Advice on ridding the rash.

“My favorite rash-remover is the hair dryer! Dries it up and feels great (keep safe distance though...) And running nekid.

And the Triple Paste has worked magic for us, even better than the prescription drug for the yeast infection. “


“Calmoseptine! I found that while RIte Aid did not carry it, the local mom & pop pharm in my neighborhood did.”


“It's not a home remedy, and it's expensive, but Triple Paste worked really well for us. When my son had the world's worst diaper rash after being on antibiotics for pneumonia it was the only thing that worked, and seemed soothing too. We got it at Neergaard but probably most pharmacies have it.

there are also the other less invasive strategies: keep the diaper off as much as possible and the area exposed to air; use cornstarch to keep it dry; etc.”


“Try making a thin paste with Philips' Milk of Magnesia & corn starch (I had corn starch baby powder). Someone recommended it to me a few months ago (same thing - teething baby with very ugly, painful rash) and it started to clear up right away. I mixed a small batch and kept it in a little tupperware thing at the changing table. I have also found that Lanisoh works very well to help the skin heal. If the rash is raised and very red it could be a yeast infection, which we have treated by with monistat under the other diaper creams, but you probably should talk to your ped. about that first unless you know for sure what you are dealing with.”


“My daughter was a very rashy baby. I recommend baby calendula cream which i used to get at the food coop. Its amazing


My 16 month old son got a diaper rash as a result of antibiotics he was taking for an ear infection. Well, the diaper rash is COMPLETELY gone and his bottom is back to being as smooth as his face.

What worked for me? - A change in his antibiotic to Omnicef, frequent pampers changes, making sure his bottom was completely dry before putting on another pamper by letting him run around for a couple of minutes with no pamper on,TRIPLE PASTE and LOTRIMIN AF. His rash was cleared up within 3 days.

Next steps in regards to diaper rash prevention - I'll continue to use my regular A&D ointment with every pamper change (that's why this was his first rash). Whenever he has to take antibiotics, I'll use the rest of my Butt Paste and A&D w/Zinc to make sure he doesn't get a rash while on antibiotics. 23 July 2006