Absorbent Diapers

Trying to find non-leaking diapers? Check here.

ORIGINAL POST (from a 3/2007 thread)

My nearly seven month old is about 18 pounds and wearing Pampers size 3
Cruisers. I switched to them from Huggies because the Huggies leaked too
much. The Pampers were OK for awhile but now we are having the leaking
problem again. I don't think my son needs the next size because the Cruisers
fit much larger babies. Has anyone found a disposable diaper that is VERY
Second question: any suggestions about helping my son sleep through the night?
He usually wakes up once a night because he needs a diaper change (and
usually a pajama change too) and not because he is hungry.

Here's the summary of responses to my plea for help about leaking diapers.
Thanks to everyone who sent responses on-line and off; this has been very
I. Diaper Brands - The following diapers were recommended:
1. Huggies Overnights/Nighttime
2. Pampers Baby Dry
Many people recommended these two. (I now realize a slow walk down the
baby products aisle would have clued me in - there are diapers made
specifically for nighttime!)
Also recommended:
3. Using Pampers but a size larger.
4. Seventh Generation
5. Tushies - All cotton.
6. Costco Kirkland Brand
7. Target Brand
8. BJ's brank.
II. Other Recommendations to Combat the Leaking:
1. Keep going up a size until you find a diaper that does not leak;
ignore the weight recommendations on the packaging; a larger size may be
2. Avoid giving liquids right before bedtime or cut the portion to half
or three-quarters.
3. Change the baby right before the parent goes to sleep; change the baby
right in the crib.
4. Use one size larger at night than the size you use during the day.
5. Put a woman's maxi pad in the diaper; this may require using a larger
size diaper.