PSP Guide to Organizing a Meet Up

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There's been a lot of talk about people wanting to meet up.  The only thing stopping you is an organizer, so how about YOU? Create the meetup you want to attend! Here are a few quick tips to make it happen.


PSP Guide to Organizing a Meet Up


1) Send out a Doodle to determine availability  Doodle allows you to poll members and get an idea for best available dates for the group.  Pick the date based on what works best for the most people (you’ll never be able to get everyone there).

2) Choose a location.  PSP has a great list of places to meet in the Recommendations section under Career Help.  Or maybe someone is willing to open their home and host. If so, feel free to set a limit of people.  If hosting at somone's house, get attendees to bring their own _____ (lunch, appetizer, six-pack).

3) Send out an invitation to your group/. The more the merrier.  Remember to include
What you’re meeting about:
Special Guests (if relevant):
(HINT: For people who RSVP yes, send them an invite through Gmail to respond yes there as well. That way they can get reminders and have easy access to the information that you send out.

4) For best participation send out 2 reminders: one 2 days before the event and another the day of the event.