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One PSP member asked their baby group: "I'm putting together a baby gift for my newly pregnant friend, and the theme of the gift is "highly practical baby items." (I suspect most of her other gifts will be highly impractical.) Thinking back to after you had your baby: what were highly practical, must-have items you wish you'd gotten in advance, rather than having to do a midnight Duane Reade run?"



Shopping List Ideas (view the full replies here):


  • Aquaphor  
  • Baby washcloths
  • Boogie wipes
  • Breast pads (re-usable)
  • Burp cloths
  • Coconut oil
  • Diaper trash bags from Arm and Hammer
  • Disposable changing pads
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Lansinoh gel soothies
  • Long sleeve side snap tops with the mitten cuffs, and baby paste applicator
  • Miracle blanket
  • My Brest Friend
  • Nosefrida
  • Paci wipes
  • Pacifiers
  • Pump Ease hands-free pumping bra (fun prints and on Amazon)
  • Snacks
  • A sound machine
  • Swaddles
  • Travel size aquifer
  • Travel Sleep Sheep  
  • Wipes and diapers (in different brands).
  • Wipes case
  • Wubanub
  • Yoga ball


Full replies:


“My friend put together all the things I didn't know I would want or need in a diaper bag. Diaper trash bags from arm and hammer, travel size aquifer, wipes case, boogie wipes, paci wipes, hand sanitizer, disposable changing pads for when I was in a place w no table...etc. I loved it.”

“I'd add Lansinoh gel soothies for those early days when you feel like your nipples are going to fall off.”

“My favorite gift was a case of wipes and diapers.”

“This is so boring, but baby washcloths. I thought they were so silly when I received them -- they are just regular washcloths...but smaller! -- but I use them for everything, even still. Bath time, sure, but also hand/mouth wiping at the table after eating, runny noses, face washes, etc etc. And now they are becoming baby doll blankets/diapers and other playthings for Dot, too.”

“I second wash cloths and also burp cloths. Having gotten a ton of them made me feel less guilty about actually using them, since they were so soft and precious, but so much better for slopping up spit-up and boogers than paper towels and tissues.”

“How fun! Things I buy for newly-pregnant friends that they all seem to love: pump Ease hands-free pumping bra (fun prints and on Amazon), re-usable breast pads, a few different brands of diapers since they all fit different, nose freida, long sleeve side snap tops with the mitten cuffs, and baby paste applicator.”


“These are not Duane Reade items, but I found the terribly named My Brest Friend terribly useful during those early weeks. Also the keekaroo peanut changing pad. It seemed decadent, but it actually  costs about the same as the inexpensive one (when you include the sheets), and there is no laundry - just wipe up and continue to use! Also, I received a basket of dried fruit, nuts and cracker packages which I devoured during those wee hour nursing sessions.”

“Yoga ball was a life saver for labor and for bouncing the newborn. Pacifiers too.”

“Agree with Brest friend, yoga ball, lots of burp cloths, and snacks! We also found a sound machine, swaddles, and the miracle blanket to be essential. Also aquaphor and coconut oil.”

“Wubanub.  Had 1 million of the regular ones  but never used them because after birth our lactation consultant told us this one was the best for nursing babies. Cute too!”

“Travel Sleep Sheep was my go-to gift after getting one with my first. You can hook it onto crib or car seat for white noise.”



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