Belly Cast

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What is a belly cast and should I care?


 When I was pregnant with my first child someone gave me a NY Times article about belly casts (or perhaps it was a different newspaper, but for the sake of credibility, let's go with it).  An artistic endeavor, the gist is that you make a paper mache cast of your belly when you are REALLY pregnant, paint it, and put it up in the baby's room. If you want to get really serious about it, some articles I read said you can actually use it for the baby's bassinet until he or she grows out of it

I never got around to actually painting it, but the belly cast resides high in my closet as a reminder of how big my belly (not to mention my breasts) were when I was pregnant.  My kids sometimes want me to get it down and put it on to see what I looked like in 3D when I was pregnant.  While I don't tell everyone it's a MUST DO for having kids, it was a fun thing related to my pregnancy that gave me some real perspective about what my hubby saw.

There are many belly cast kits available online, but it's just as easy to go to the local craft store and buy some paper mache strips and petroleum jelly.  It's pretty simple.  You need to put Vaseline/petroleum jelly on your belly and arms, have your partner, mother, sister, or whomever apply the strips.  You'll have to do a few layers, then smooth it out, wait until it hardens a bit, then take it off.  There's an art to getting the right amount of Vaseline:  too much makes it come off easily, but the Vaseline breaks down the cast a bit.  Too little, and pulling the cast off your body results in losing those tiny arm and belly hairs which will be a permanent part of the cast (OUCH!).

So I offer it as a suggestion, in case you are so inclined as to get artistic about your pregnant belly.