Nanny Perks: Nanny Bringing Child With Them?

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What PSP members think about a nanny bringing their child with them to work.




As the original poster writes:


"I am considering a nanny to be with us only on Fridays when my parents are not around to babysit our 15 month curious and active boy. We seem to have found a good nanny who comes recommended. She recently asked if she can bring her 23 month old boy with her so she can have him with her instead of daycare. In place of this, she's also offered to lower her hourly rate which is on the high side.
I'm wondering if any other families have tried this out where the nanny brings her child to the home. Would love any advice on below!
- Is this a good idea or not? Would it be too much for the nanny to care fairly for both kids. I have no idea what the needs of a 23 month old are if that will be too much with my 15 month old.
- What should we consider if we decide to proceed with this. Has anyone tried this out? it's only for 1 day per week
- Also, what's a fair rate for us to consider given that she's bringing her child?"


Here are the replies:


"I think it sounds ideal! I have a 23 month old and she's in daycare a few days a week and she loves the group exposure. Your kids would probably develop a great play relationship. 15 months will soon start taking and playing even better together."


"A few thoughts:
- It's hard to find a good nanny for one day a week, so if you like her and have a good feeling about her, I would try to keep her
- I think your 15 month old and her 23 month old will be fine together.  Learning how to interact with other kids is a great thing, and it's only one day a week.
- I'm less concerned with there being a 23 month old there, and more concerned with it being your nanny's 23 month old.  Want to be sure that she provides equal attention to your baby as her own."


"Over the past few weeks, our nanny has been bringing her 2.5 year old child to work with my 2.5 year old daughter one day a week. It is supposed to be a temporary arrangement, but my daughter (who is very social) has made it clear that she prefers it when the nanny bring her daughter. So we are thinking of making it a permanent solution.  I should mention that our nanny has been caring for my daughter since she was 4 months old, so I did not have to worry about whether having her daughter around would impact her ability to bond with my daughter, etc.
We haven't figured out if/how this will affect pay. We did, however, have to borrow a double-stroller from a neighbor, so that is a consideration."


Here's what a nanny shared in the PSP Nanny Survey:


"Employers need to stop being fake with nannies by saying you are part of our family. And I cannot even bring my 13 yrs old with me to work on a spring break"


More advice from a related question on a diferent group:


"Our nanny regularly brings her daughter and sometimes her grandson. It was not something we had discussed during the interview either but evolved naturally. She first asked to bring her daughter (then 12 years old) when I asked our nanny to come an evening or weekend day and then gradually she has come more frequently. Her daughter and grandson are very polite and I do not mind at all having them around (mostly she brings only her daughter). Our daughter absolutely loves it when they come. As Christine said, kids this age love copying/learning from older kids more than from adults and it is fun for them to have an extra playmate. I actually find that it is often a bonus. Our nanny has more time to prepare food, do some tidying or some other household tasks when her daughter is around because her daughter plays with our child. I have never felt that our nanny bringing her daughter has taken away from the care that our daughter has gotten (which of course is the primary concern). Depending on what your nanny's child is like, you may find that it is a bonus too - the 8 year-old can play with your older child and the nanny has more time to give some extra attention to the baby."


"My nanny brings her daughter "M", about the same age as your nanny's son, in the summer, and its fantastic. She started doing it when E was 1yo, and the two kids instantly clicked. It was a lot easier for everyone (me, nanny and my daughter), because M & E got along so well. There are things that E was much more open to learning - and faster - when a "big kid" taught her than when an adult tried to teach her. The topic also didn't come up during the interview or at all until a few weeks prior, and it was fine.
I will say, though, that M was signed up for a summer camp / day program some of the time, although I didn't mind at all having M over."


"My nanny is planning to do the same this summer with her 4 year old son. The past two summers she brought him over once or twice but this summer she is planning to bring him more often. Brooke loves it and always asks about him. They're like family so it's not an issue for us. My nanny also has back up child care any time she can't bring him (like the days when Brooke has a class or if she is running behind schedule).
We also didn't discuss this arrangement when we hired her. This is likely the last summer we have our nanny so the idea was to have the kids spend as much time together before Brooke begins preschool in the fall."


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