The 2022 Park Slope Parents' Nanny Pay and Benefits Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in our 2022 Park Slope Parents Nanny Pay and Benefits Survey! We're pleased to share the preliminary results of the survey below.

The Nanny Survey provides data on pay rates and responsibilities for nannies that helps ALL parents in Brooklyn in the process of hiring. By providing this data to the community, we aim to uplift families and domestic workers alike by helping parents be the best and fairest employers they can be.




  • Average: Shows the overall market tendency, and is influenced by high and low data points as well as skewed data.
  • Median (50th percentile): Shows the middle data point, outliers at the top and bottom end of the distribution are less emphasized.
  • Percentiles: Shows the proportion of data points that fall above and below this point (e.g., 10th percentile show the point at which 10% of the data fall below and 90% of the data fall above).

We’re still working on more detailed findings and trends, but these are the broad strokes.