The PSP Step-by-Step Guide To a Successful Nanny Share

Interested in a Nanny Share?


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Park Slope Parents has put together a comprehensive guide to having a happy and healthy nanny share. Packed with tips and advice, this go-to resource is based on years of experience, nanny survey data, and countless member stories of what worked, what failed, and more. 



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In the guide you you will find advice, tips and information such as:

- Benefits and drawbacks of a nanny share

- Step 1: What to do BEFORE Considering a Nanny Share 

- Step 2: Start With Finding, the FAMILY – not the Nanny

- Step 3: Write Up and Talk Through the Details

- Step 4: Write Up and Talk Through the Details

- Step 5: Find the Nanny

- Step 6: Nurture the Nanny 

- Voices of Experience: General advice

- Voices of Experience: Why Nanny Shares Ended

- Voices of Experiences: How and What PSP members PAY

- Appendix: sample of the nanny share work agreement


Do you want to find families to establish a Nanny Share? Fill out the Park Slope Parents Nanny Share Family Finder form HERE. You'll need to be a member to take advantage of this resource, so if you're not yet a part of Park Slope Parents, join HERE!


Do you want to post about a Nanny Share on the PSP Classifieds, with or without a nanny in mind? Go HERE.


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