Inside PSP's Guide to Hiring a Nanny

The Park Slope Parents Guide to Hiring a Nanny is an amalgamation of best-practices, insights and honest expressions culled from years of experience by a diverse group of parents who have all been where you are now.

Part 1: Getting Started

This section talks about what you and your family need in a nanny.  It also includes how to write a job description, what job duties you want your nanny to be responsible for, and how to pay your nanny on the books.

Part 2: The Candidate Search

This section goes over the job search.  From how to review applications and prepping the work agreement, Part 2 walks you through these details.

Part 3: Interviewing

This section talks you through all you need to know about interviewing nanny candidates.  Park Slope Parents has all you need to know about how to filter applicants through the phone, what you need to ask in the in person interview and how to glean information from references.

Part 4: Orientation and the New Relationship

Congratulations - You've hired a nanny! Now comes the real work - cultivating a positive environment and building a trusting relationship in which your child, your family, and the nanny can thrive. This section talks you through how to orient your new nanny with your child and family.

Part 5: Safety Measures

From a nanny cam to running background checks, this section offers words of caution that will protect you, your family and your caregiver.

Guide to Firing Your Nanny

This article talks through the ins and outs of what you need to know when terminating your Nanny.  This section also includes FAQs about severance and more.


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