FAQs about the Nanny Relationship

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Frequently asked questions about the nanny relationship, answered.



In this article you will find FAQS about:


Nanny pay and job performance

Nanny problems

Firing Your Nanny

Transitioning Your Nanny



What to pay your babysitter/ nanny overnight?  PSP talks nighttime arrangements HERE. According to the 2013 nanny survey, the pay range for a nanny to stay overnight is $50-$200 on top of their pay, with respondents most frequently saying they have paid $100.

Should I pay cab fare after a certain time?  Most respondents from the 2013 Nanny survey say that they pay for cabs after dark, with the most common times being after 8 or 9pm.

Should I give my part-time nanny vacation days? Yes. Pro-rate for the typical 2 weeks given for full time employees (e.g., 3 days a week = 6 paid vacation days).

Should I have periodic reviews with my nanny?  Yes. These will help keep your relationship strong and allow you to iron out any tensions you have. Update your policies in these meetings (e.g., treats, how much TV your child can watch, homework) as your child grows and transitions.

Should you pay your Nanny on days that you don't need her? Read our article "Unanticipated "Time Off" - What Works, What Doesn't and What's Fair."

It’s been a year. What’s a typical raise?  The most commonly reported raise is $1.20/hr given at the nanny’s anniversary. Read more about nanny raises here.

I had another child.  What’s a typical raise?  Most peopel give a $2/hr raise for a second child. (NOTE: Be aware of pay raise and child raise since they can come close together. Don't scrimp!). Read more about nanny raises here.



 What to do about your nanny who is always late?Parents talk tardiness HERE.



How do your fire your nanny? We have a dedicated category about letting your nanny go - all the articles can be found HERE.

What typically happens when you need to let a nanny go? Typical severance is 2 weeks pay or whatever is agreed upon in the nanny Contract. If the situation results immediate dismissal, severance is seldom given.

How do you fire your Nanny - when it's good? We share member tips here.

How do you let your Nanny go - when it's not so good? We've catalogued the different problems - and solutions - HERE.



 How can you transition your nanny to daycare/preschool?  Read our advice about these kinds of transitions HERE.

 How do you do a background check on a nanny? HERE is what PSP suggests about how to do a background check on your nanny.


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