Moving Resources

Utilities, moving boxes, and beyond.




The Basics (Utilities & Such)

Electric & Gas (Con-Ed) - Also look at Green Power Options.

Gas (National Grid)

Department of Motor Vehicles (license and plates)

Telephone, Cable, Internet (Verizon; Spectrum)

Post Office (change of address)

Transportation (Metro Transit Authority - subway, bus, railroad)


Get Moving 

Moving Company Recommendations


Where to Get Moving Boxes

PSP members can post an ISO Boxes on the PSP Classifieds (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Folks are coming and going all the time.

"We just moved and rented bins from BoxUp and I had a great experience and highly recommend. I'd assume it's more expensive than buying boxes, but it's less hassle since they pick them up and drop them off. It's also more sustainable. And I personally liked having the rental time crunch with the bins- it forced me to unpack faster!"

"I’m not sure what the protocol is these days, but in the past I have gotten most of my boxes from the wine/liquor stores.  They are the perfect size for books, small collectibles wrapped in newspaper/bubblewrap, pantry items, etc."

"People are constantly giving away moving boxes and packing supplies on the Buy Nothing Groups on Facebook. There’s a buy nothing group for every neighborhood and it’s so helpful to be part of. I highly recommend!"

"We’ve used Gorilla Bins every time we’ve moved and they are fantastic. Great customer service, good for the environment and affordable."

Home Depot




Starting Your New Life

Recommendations for Health Care Providers in the area

Idiosyncrasies of Urban Life: Things to Know for Life in NYC/Brooklyn