Block Party Planning Time!

Thinking about summer and Block Parties? Since it can take 60 days (or 90 in some areas), you might need to get crackin’ on plannin’.

Here’s some information about throwing a great party as well as links to applying in Community Board 6 and CB7.

Block Party Planning Time


Brooklyn Block Party!

Reading on Park Slope Parents HERE.


From Community Board 6

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How do I apply for a block party permit?
Make sure you leave yourself enough time to organize the event. Applications should be filed 90 days in advance. Applying for a block party is a two-step process:

Step 1) You need to fill out an online application by visiting the city's Street Activity Permit office. You will need to pay a $25.75 fee using a credit card.

Step 2) You must provide the CB6 District Office with either a letter from the affected block association, or signatures of 20 residents who live on the block, to demonstrate that they've consented to the block closure. You can mail us your list, fax it (718) 624-8410, or email a scanned copy to officemanager (at) brooklyncb6 (dot) org.

Your permit may be marked as "denied" if you have not delivered your signatures to the District Office. Once we receive those signatures we will revisit the application.


From Community Board 7

Read more information HERE

The 2014 Block Party/Block Closing Guidelines are available to download. Those who wish to apply for a single block event must apply at least 90 days in advance and must collect signatures on a petition. The guidelines are a collection of city-wide rules from the Street Activity Permit Office and local rules from the 72nd Precinct and Community Board 7. 


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