Are you thinking about joining Park Slope Parents? Here you'll find out what the benefits are of being a PSP member are & how to get signed up!



Want to join the Park Slope Parents?

Park Slope Parents is open to expectant parents and parents with children under 18 in Brooklyn, New York and the surrounding neighborhoods. Park Slope Parents maintains over 100 members-only online groups including our Advice/Community, Classifieds Group, pregnancy, baby groups, general interest groups like dads, stay at home parents, working moms, and a publicly accessible website. For a full list of all the groups available to Park Slope Parents members, go HERE.

We also help organize local family events such as the Spring Fling, Members Only Clothing Swaps, the Halloween Costume Contest, Summer Fridays, and also parent evenings like career networking meetups, newcomer events, crafting events and much more. In total we have about 350 events.

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Benefits of being a Park Slope Parents Member: 

The key benefit is that you have access to thousands of parents (over 6,000 families) who have pledged to support one another. We are a diverse group of parents with many different experiences. If you have a question or issue, chances are that  other members of our group have dealt with the same or similar issues. We are here to help each other by providing information, support, and suggestions. In addition, membership gives you:

- Access to Park Slope Parents archives, where you can find discussions on many topics.
- Access to our over 90 groups, including pregnancy, baby, advice, classifieds, language groups and more.
- The PSP Perks Program, which gives special deals, discounts & offers with businesses around Park Slope. PSP offers 500 discounts. You can see a list of participating businesses HERE.


Ready to Sign Up? Here's How to Join:

1. Sign up as a new member on our membership site and be sure to tell us which groups you want to join.

- The Advice /Community group is where to find guidance on everything from parenting to plumbing.
- The Classifieds is our buy/sell/trade/stoop sales/nannies/housecleaners/rentals group.
- The Career Networking group can help you with your floundering or flourishing career.

Want to join one of our Pregnancy or New Parent groups? Once you sign up and get approved, we’ll add you to those groups, guided by the due date or kid birthdate(s) on your application. 

We also have specialty groups such as language groups, fertility groups, tweens/teend, dads' groups, working moms, and more! HERE is a full list of our groups.

2. We'll review your application within 24 hours.

3.Once accepted, you'll receive an email asking you to pay your dues. Our annual membership fee is $50 for new members (renewals are $45) and includes access to our larger groups (Advice/Community, Classifieds, and Career Networking) and the specialty groups you've noted you're interested in. 

4. Once you PAY your membership fee (which includes discounts at over 500 local businesses and services), you'll be added to the groups you requested.




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