Top 10 FAQs about Membership Payments & Benefits

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions about being a member of Park Slope Parents...

1. What are the benefits of joining Park Slope Parents?

Read the full benefits of joining PSP over on our membership page HERE.

 2. I know that the membership fee allows me to add my spouse/partner-- how do I do that?

  1. Have your PARTNER fill out our super quick Secondary Membership Form with their information and selections for the "other half" of your family's membership—then kick back, enjoy life, and be patient. 

  2. IN A FEW DAYS (or less), we will send their login information, along with instructions on how they can get the most from PSP.

The secondary membership will have all the access of the primary one.


3. I didn't get my membership card-- what's up?

Park Slope Parents is paperless! Go HERE find out the steps to downloading your membership card,


4. I'd rather not go through the online process-- how do I pay by check?

We STRONGLY urge you to make payments with a credit card; it's ultimately easier for both you and PSP and will ensure that your membership is activated quickly and stays active. If you wish to send a check, it should have the name that you joined PSP with (if not, please write it on the check) and your membership number so that we can easily update your account.  

We still ask that you go through Club Express and let us know you are doing that. You’ll also need to enter your address so we can send you your Membership Card.


5. What are the criteria for membership?

Park Slope Parents is open to parents and parents-to-be in Park Slope and the surrounding Brooklyn neighborhoods in Brooklyn, New York. 

If you are a business owner who runs a business related to kids and parenting you CAN reach our over 5,000 members. Click HERE for more information!


6/ What do I do if I want to end my membership?

We're sad to see you go! Contact our Membership Team so we can convince you to stay! If, however, you do wish to end your membership (you've moved and the content is no longer relevant, etc), you can contact our Membership Team at and we will remove you from our roster. You will no longer receive our newsletters and all group benefits will be terminated. We do not refund any membership fees.


7. I joined, but I'm moving out of Brooklyn. Can I remain a member of Park Slope Parents?

Once a member, ALWAYS a member. Absolutely. It’s a great way to stay in touch with the old neighborhood. We also find that many people who move away come back.


8. Can I use my membership for professional purposes?

PSPs primary goal is community building, not advertising. However, we have a larger Career Networking group and over 20 different career networking groups that can help you be successful in your life that exists alongside parenting. JOIN HERE.

To find out about getting your business listed on PSP, please read through the HELP section HERE.

However, members DO want to know about classes, activities, events and services related to being a Brooklynite and a parent. We do permit paid advertising but it needs to be vetted and paid for. If you’re interested in advertising check our our website page HERE or email for details and rates.

We also have a membership discount program that will help people find you and patronize your business. In our user agreement there is a clause stating that you will not use any member information you may gain through our groups (names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.) for commercial purposes. This means you cannot use member information to benefit your business, a family business, a friend's business, or ANY business you have a direct or indirect interest in. Further, ALL member information, both personal and anything posted on our forum, is confidential and for the personal use of members only. Park Slope Parents reserves the right to suspend or terminate your membership for any violation of this policy.


9. I've heard if my family is in a financial crisis that I can ask for a hardship membership. How do I do that?

For families going through a tough time financially, you may absolutely request a hardship membership. Please email us at and give us some background on your situation. Our goal is to give access to everyone who wants to be a member of Park Slope Parents. We will work with you to make that happen.

10. I thought there was a free subscription to Time Out New York Kids with my membership. Where is mine?

After December 31, 2018 Time Out New York Kids will no longer be providing a SUBSCRIPTION Magazine.