Double Parking Do & Don'ts

The Do's & Don'ts of double parking in New York City...


-- The law is that double parking is a no-no. The police seem to tolerate it during alternate side parking times, but you can get a ticket. Blocking the bike lane is a no-no as well.

-- Being boxed in during street sweeping may be okay in some neighborhoods, but don’t assume that the person you box in won’t want to leave. That said, best to plan ahead if you know you want to leave during double parking times and know you may be boxed in. But you shouldn’t assume you’re a hostage by other people.

-- Blocking people in? Leaving your contact information (phone or address/buzzer number) is the most neighborly thing to do. If you won’t be able to let someone out in less than 5 minutes then try not to box anyone in.

-- Calling 3-1-1 to get your car out if you’re boxed in could get tickets for everyone on the block

-- Check with a school before assuming that school “no parking” signs are not enforced in the summer

-- Double parking on the Park Slope Avenues is a no-no (even if you may have gotten away with it on occasion)

 -- Do check this WNYC article about checking for alt side info:

-- One mother shares: "Do not double park during street cleaning on a block with a school. I was told by a police officer that they will definitely ticket if you double-park on a school block, no matter how well tolerated double parking is in that general neighborhood."

-- HERE is a printable “here’s my number” sign we put together a few years ago. There are two of them on a page. If you print it out (keep one in your dash) and put the other on a car who has blocked you in without a number so they will have one.


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