Leg Cramps & Growing Pains

Help for life's little growing pains.

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Question from a PSP member, September 2016:

"My nine year old boy is having pain later in the day (although it doesn't wake him up at night), that I am attributing to growing pains. If it gets worse or persists I will take him to the doctor but I am hoping for some suggestions to relieve some of the discomfort."


Advice from members:

-Have your child walk up and down the hall until they went away
-Elevate the legs by having your child lay on the back and putting a
pillow under them
-Have them drink plenty of water and foods with potassium (bananas)
-Leg warmers, socks (not too tight) at night
-Calcium Supplements (for adult cramps)
-Massaging the legs
-Hot watter bottle or heating pad
-Warm bath"

"My older daughter started complaining of growing pains more than a year ago, specifically that it hurts under her knees. When we told her pediatrician she said we should stretch her out every day. So every evening before bed the whole house gets in a stretching session and we throw in some bridges and crunches for fun too. The kids love it and the stretching is definitely helping her."


More advice from a November 2020 thread:

"This happens to my older one a lot. He is a tall skinny kid and my pediatrician says it is fairly common. I was told it has to do more with muscles than actually bones growing and hydrating/potassium may help to deal with it. It has always lasted only a few days with us every 6 months or so and we sometimes use Tylenol or gentle massaging if it is really bad."

"Haven’t had this yet with 2.5 year old but my 8yo has had on/off growing pains since she was 4/5. We give her Motrin and that usually helps. They are often at night."

"My oldest son used to get these a lot around that age (maybe a little older). I asked our ped about it and he said they were growing pains. It helped if I either rubbed his legs or if he was in the fetal position and I held his legs tightly to his chest. Sometimes ice packs would help too."

"I've used Weleda's arnica bath soak and massage oil for my son. They tend to sell both at Whole Foods."