Frequent Chills

One parents asks "several times a day, some more than others, my son exhibits a quick movement that looks like he just got the chills." Wondering what's up? Here's the original post and summary.

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I am wondering if anyone has seen this in their child, or heard of it with someone else's. several times a day, some more than others, my son exhibits a quick movement that looks like he just got the chills. At first we noticed it when we were feeding him (especially with textures he didnt like, i.e. avocado), but now that we are looking at him more closely we see it more throughout the day. we counted 7 times yesterday! he just turned 12 months old. 

these "chills" do not affect his consiousness, do not cause any strange eye movements, do not change his mood, and do not seem like seizures to us, but of course we are very worried. our pediatrician is not concerned at this time and asked us to try to videotape it.
please email me back, if you have any thoughts, information or experiences with this!


thanks to everyone who wrote me back on their experiences with this. it has made me feel so relieved to know it is relatively common! here are some explanations that i received for the chills, and hopefully it will just be something he grows out of:

-nerves are maturing and catching up with growth of body
-way the baby relieves physical tension
-associated with some sensory experience
-happens when baby pees/poops
-could be from flavor or texture of foods
-infantile spasms, seizures or sign of mild aspergers
-related to sugar levels
-motor tick

other recommendatiosn included getting it on videotape or seeing a neurologist just in case