Digital Cameras & Kids Tips

Tips for getting the best shot

·         Closer, Closer, Closer!  If you want photos of kids and their emotions, the closer the better.


·         Set your digital camera (non-SLR) to “multiple exposures” to have the greatest chance of getting a good photo. Then,


·         Take TONS of photos—more photos, more choices.  Try to delete photos you don’t love, though, or your hard drive will fill up quickly with photos you don’t really like.


·         Get a Kids’-Eye View.  While some artsy photos can be taken from a top-down angle, try to get down so your child is looking straight into the camera instead of UP at the camera.


·         Get them “on the move.”  Most digital cameras have a “sports” setting that can get your kids in action.


·         Steal a moment; don’t ask for a posed shot.  Taking a photo of children actually doing something like swinging or running can be much more representative than a posed shot.


·         Don’t just capture “happy” times.  Take photos of your children's whole childhood (such as when they are crying or angry) instead of just the good times.


·         Take your camera with you EVERYWHERE.  You never know when a good photo op comes up.  Take photos of the ordinary.  Do you have routine things that you do that are special?  These are important memories to keep.


·         Let them get in the act.  Have them take pictures of you, their surroundings, and make sure to let them see their photos—it gives them a sense of accomplishment.


·         Be quick—or you’ll miss the best shots.


·         Include others—yourself or your child’s friends.


·         Learn your camera's digital delay.  It will be easier to grab the shot you want rather than have another missed opportunity.


·         Be off-center.  Having your subject to the left or right makes the picture more interesting.  Check your camera’s "focus lock" mode so your subject doesn’t come out blurry.  The law of thirds works well:  split the picture into thirds and put the focal point in the center of one of the +s.


·         Take MENTAL PICTURES and don’t worry about getting a photo.  Don’t let the camera be the center of the event.  Sit back and enjoy the moment instead of struggling to get the right picture.