Saving your Digital Memories

  • STORE copies in a safe place.  If your computer fell into 1,000 pieces, would you fall to pieces? Back it Up!

  • SHARE your photos online so you don’t have to make copies.  There are many sites that allow you to share your images so friends and family can order the photos they want.  Also consider a site that allows friends and family to download the full-size original so they can keep the negative for future use as well.

  • Shoot, download, upload.  Make it a routine to download digital pictures within 48 hours so your photos stay fresh in your mind. There’s nothing more "big whoop" than getting photos from friends 3 months after an event.

  • Use a high resolution format so you have the best "negatives" possible.  It makes for better photos and the ability to both crop and enlarge for bigger prints.  Rather than smushing more photos on one card, buy multiple cards and go for the best resolution.

  • Learn to edit for best results.  You can turn a good photo into a great photo with a little creative formatting.