Best Science Museums, According to PSP Members

The following quesiton was asked to the Park Slope Parents group: "My rising 6th grader has summer homework to “visit a science museum and write a journal entry describing what you saw and what you learned from it”. What’s your favorite Science Museum?"
Here are their votes!





1. New York Hall of Science in Queens
This was by far the more popular choice with our PSP members. Their accolades cam strong:
"New York Hall of Science in Queens. Really well designed so that the exhibits are hands-on and tempting for kids of all ages. The new interactive "Connected Worlds" exhibit in the restored World's Fair hall is hard to explain, but magical."
"New York Hall of Science in Queens is also great fun for kids but tends to be crowded with campers in the summer."
"I love the museum of natural history as my absolute favorite. But as a kid I loved the Queens Hall of Science."
"The Queens Science Museum is really nice.  We go there with our kids a few times a year.  There are always new things to see, and new things to do there. You can also check out their science playground, and miniature golf course!"
"It has great exhibits,  demonstrations and activities.  Also NASA mini golf,  and the Archimedes playground is beyond inspired.   Queens Zoo and giant park are there as well."


2. Liberty Science Center in Queens
"Liberty science center is awesome Queens hall of science is good too If you feel like traveling, some more distant ones that are great include the science museums in: 1. Boston 2. Rochester 3. Baltimore."
"My daughter (9) raved about her visit this week to Liberty Science Museum but I have never been there."


3. American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan
"AMNH is my favorite. I have volunteered there in the Discovery Room. The upstairs in the DR is great for a 6th grader. There are live animals and microscopes with real specimens to use for older kids.  It's a hidden gem. Depending on when you visit you may need to stop by and get a ticket for the next session (especially weekends) but they have a pretty god system for this. Check out the website in advance. The other great thing about AMNH is that there is so much there. For a specific assignment like this you could spend all day in one hall, especially if they have a particular interest (sharks, evolution, rocks, space). And all the exhibits in the DR connect to the big halls. It's designed as a gateway to the rest of the museum.


 4. Franklin Institute in Philadelphia
"Franklin Institute in Philly, if by any chance you'll be in that neck of the woods!"


5. Museum of Science in Boston
"Boston!! It's fabulous."