IMPORTANT: Park Slope Parents is moving off Yahoo! Groups

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Heads up!

We're moving off Yahoo! 

Great News! We’re moving off Yahoo! groups for our Classifieds and Advice/Community Groups in the coming weeks! 

Launch Date: December 1

NOTE: YAHOO! GROUPS HAS BEEN GLITCHY so it's great timing! 

Here are some of the GREAT things about the move:

  • No more invites   The new system allows us to add you to groups. There will still be a short delay as it’s still not an automated process, but no more looking for invites in spam. 
  • Easy login   You can easily login to the new system to search for messages. No more YahooIDs or need for Yahoo at all—ever again. 
  • Streamlining   The new system will sync one email rather than multiple emails for Yahoo and our membership site (Club Express). No more, “your message didn’t post because the email is different than the one on Yahoo!” 
  • #Hashtags   We’ll be using hashtags for commonly posted message so you can easily find things such as #Nanny, #RealEstate, or #Anonymous posts.  Easier Posting Insert photos, attachments and links into messages easily and quickly.  Search The new site has a working search! (If you've noticed the most recent search results end mid-September.) 
  • Archives   We’re moving 15 years of messages to the new system. You’ll be able to search old discussions and topics (e.g., the history of a nanny’s employment).  More delivery options Along with individual and digest options, there’s finally an option for a daily summary you can skim and decide if you want to read more!

How things will work: 

ALL your messages for ALL your groups will be sent to the email you used to sign up for your Park Slope Parents membership. Your Advice and Classifieds messages will go to the same address. You will be able to change your default email once we change systems if you need to, but it will change the email related to your membership as well. 

UPDATE: Everyone will be joined to the Advice/Community group (the best place for general parenting advice and community news), and if you've requested to join the Classifieds we'll add you to that group as well. We started as one group and are going back to our roots!  Note: Nothing will change with your baby groups, career groups, dads/moms group or any other specialty groups at this time. 

It's gonna be great, but PLEASE be patient with us.  These changes may come with some bumps in the road. We’re confident that this system will be a huge improvement (or we wouldn’t be doing it) but it may mean a kink or two for a few of you. We'll get you fixed up-- promise!  Our team will be on hand to assist anyone who needs help at:  

Thanks!  Susan, Melissa, Rachel, Carla, Sabrina and Ellen The PSP Membership Team