The Park Slope Armory - 10 Facts You May Not Know...

park slope armory1


1. It was once said that ghosts from the Spanish American War left footprints on the Armory's freshly painted ceiling and walls in the 1950s.

2. The Armory goes down two more stories!  A shooting range, horse stables (and a rumored bowling alley), were all part of the lower floors.

3. There used to be a tunnel from the armory to the middle of Prospect Park. The tunnel door is still there, but much of the tunnel collapsed with the construction of the subway and residential expansion throughout the Slope.

4. Tanks used to be kept where the downstairs bleachers are now.

5. The Brooklyn Dodgers used to practice in the Armory 1955 and 1956

6. The Armory used to house movie sets. Meet Joe Black recreated the Aldrich Mansion inside the Armory's great space.  Apparently movie producers bought all the neighbors air conditioners to help them deal with the noise!   The Meg Ryan/Matthew Broderick film, Addicted to Love used the Armory to build the set of their stylish NYC loft.

7. The Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons were stored at the Armory one Thanksgiving.

8. In the 1950s the basketball games between NY's colleges (e.g., NYU/St. Johns/Fordham) were played at the Armory.

9. In the 50s they also had a roller skating rink in the Armory.

10. Frank Sinatra once filmed a scene for one of his movies up 9th street then down to the outside the Armory! 


Special thanks to Tom Miskel for helping us out with most of these great facts!