Frequently askes questions about PSP clothing swaps.


How does it work?
Bring items (in GOOD condition) that you'd like to swap. Find other people's treasures which are organized by size (and gender when possible). Try to take as much as you brought and share the great stuff so everyone gets a gem. New items arrive throughout the day. There's no "moderator" or "show and tell" aspect to the swap.
Reminder: Please wash all clothing and heat dry before wearing.

What is being swapped?
Clothing (newborn - 10+ years), pregnancy and parenting books, maternity clothing and items, strollers, backpacks, and all other things that deal with raising kids (sorry, no toys this year)! No worries if you are swapping winter clothes and looking for summer, we get clothing from all seasons! If you can presort clothing by size (see sizing break down in clothing swap info post) it helps keeps things organized and moving smoothly.
 *Note: the picking for boys clothing 4T and up is usually slim

Can we drop off before the swap begins?
In the past we have set up drop off locations and pick up service. We are still working on if this is possible this year and will post as soon as we know.

What happens to the leftovers?
Anything not swapped will be donated. In the past we've donated to CAMBA, the Family Justice Center, Room to Grow, and other organizations. If you know of an organization that might like to have the leftovers, let us know!

I'm Pregnant and have nothing to swap. Can I still come?
The most frequently remaining items are those for newborns so YES come without things-- even empty handed!

How do I prove I'm a PSP Member?
Go to, log in, click Profile, then download the jpg onto your phone or print the membership card.

Can both my spouse/partner and I get in the door?
Yes-- PSP membership is a "family" membership