Going to Ikea? Some info from the boards

Bad experience at Ikea?  Members speak out.....

Just wanted to share my experience with Ikea today. I went to buy a
crib (after hearing lots of good things about them and digging their
cool modern design). I looked first on the website, which said that
this item was not available to order online--you had to go to the
store to buy it, and the site stated that it was "In Stock" at the
Brooklyn store.

So, one $14 cab ride later, not only is the crib not in stock, it's
not in stock in the entire tri-state area. Nor were almost all the
other cribs. And you can't order or reserve one, you have to just come
back in two weeks and try your luck. I complained to the manager, who
said all he could offer to do would be to call me when they come in.

Their customer service is crap, but that's one way to keep prices low
I suppose!


Wow, pretty strong reaction! I understand the disappointment
associated with going all the way there to find out it wasn't in stock
(BTW-if there is a next time, instead of taking a $14 cab ride, they
do have a free shuttle bus that will take you to their store).

But, i think the manager offering to call you when it does come in was
very nice and don't see the reason for your "big f...... whoop"
comment, which I am actually pretty surprised that this entire post,
including that comment was put up on the board.


A word of advice, NEVER trust the Ikea website for in stock (or out
of stock) information. I always call first. The telephone stock check
is reliable and you can reserve over the phone (not self serve items)

I actually just visited the Ikea Brooklyn and had a great experience.
The fact that you can push your cart to your car is a huge
improvement over the Elizabeth store. We also went a 1/2 hour before
they opened on a Sunday, had breakfast, shopped and was out before
the throngs arrived.

I have been using Ikea for both work and home for over 10 years now.
It can be a frustrating experience for sure but a little advance
planning will make it much easier.


On another note, my husband and I went to IKEA when it first opened and puchased
an item for $40 that we some how left behind at either the cashiers or the
cafeteria.  We went back a three weeks later without a receipt and spoke to the
manager.  He replaced the item for free.  I assure you there is no store on all
of Smith Street who would have done this.  I'm not sure I even recommend that a
company do this, but we walked away very happy and would shop again at IKEA


I second that opinion. Home Depot or Lowes wouldn't even OFFER to
call you. Plus, its not the stores fault you took a cab and didn't
take one of the many free or almost free means of getting there. The
post would have been better labeled; Warning When Shopping Ikea! Not
all Things in Stock.
p.s. I've actually had the exact same experience at Bloomingdales! So
go figure that one out!


I love Ikea for children's furnishings and general stuff. Never had
any issues with them. And yeah -- the free shuttle is comfortable