The Buy Sir Patrick a Baby Stroller Campaign!


From the awesome folks that brought you Sh*t Park Slope Parents Say  (Soren Kisiel and Katie Goodman), comes their latest project: buying a neighborhood warming gift to Park Slope's newest celebrity resident, Sir Patrick Stewart.  They write "Science Fiction legend and extraordinary thespian Sir Patrick Stewart has moved to the Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope-- known for its helicopter parents, kale chips, and double-wide strollers. Recently, in an interview with Intelligencer, Stewart said, "I think we are probably the only residents of Park Slope who don't have a stroller... We do eat a lot of kale, but we don't have a stroller." How sad! When we heard this, we knew what we had to do. After all that he's given us, from brilliant science fiction icons on the screen to Beckett and Shakespeare on the American stage, it's the least we can do."


Soren and Julie also share that "in the unlikely event that Sir Patrick and his wife decline our collective gift of a stroller, all proceeds will be donated to a Brooklyn non-profit organization that provides services for families in need."


>>>> UPDATE! 

>>>> Patrick Stewart Tweeted the following:

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 9.59.22 AM