How to be a GREAT neighbor when Sleep Training

Sleep training your child can be an anxious experience in itself. This anxiety is emphasized in New York, where many parents get nervous about upsetting their neighbors with their crying baby in the early hours of the morning. What can you do to keep the peace with your neighbors?

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1. Communicate, communicate, communicate: Alert your neighbors with a time frame.

“We're so grateful for your patience in this situation and please know he/she will grow out of this in a relatively short time – even though it doesn't seem like it now."

2. Buy your Neighbors Ear Plugs and/or a White Noise Machine

3. Buy your neighbors a bottle of wine, cookies and/or flowers after an especially difficult night. These small gestures and tokens of sympathy can go a long way!

4. Move the Crib

5. Suspend a sound absorbing wall-hanging or place a heavy rug in the room with the noise. Wool rugs work better than cotton.

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