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Here’s What You Need to Know to Vote in NYC

According toBrookings, a record 83 percent of voters say that it really matters who wins the election in 2020. Compare that to the 2000 election between George W. Bush and Al Gore, when just 50 percent of the voters thought that it really mattered who won. That unprecedented level of enthusiasm could translate into record-high turnout in November, but achieving that will be a collective effort on a massive scale. Come on, PSP—let’s make it

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Resources for Renting Woes

Whether you have to break your lease, your rent has risen dramatically, or you're being given notice that you have to leave your apartment, it can be hard to know what steps to take. If you’re finding yourself in a challenging situation with your apartment or small business venue, these resources and tips sourced from PSP members can help.


Noise & Kids - Apartment Living

Question :
Well, we got our first kid-noise complaint today. My downstairs neighbor wrote: I can hear your son running back and forth, back and forth. I can pretty much hear everything down here. Its a bit much, especially at 7:30 AM. "

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Top Tips for Mosquito Control

Plagued by skeeters? PSP members have tips to keep your yard clear so that you can hang outdoors without unwittingly turning yourself into a feast.

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So you have Bed Bugs

From a PSP-er who has been there, done that and had to throw away the T shirt (or at least tumble dried it for 30+ minutes)

Please Take Care Of Your Autumn Leaves!

With fall comes spectucular autumn folliage.  Nothing beats the sound of leaves crunching under our feet.  Sadly, New York City streets just can't handle all of it. The leaves, as lovely as they are, clog gutters & drains (especially if you sweep leaves down 'em). And what happens then? Flooding in your apartment. Plus, when leaves pile up it is impossible for street cleaners to do their job. And what happens then? We are left with dirty streets. 


Double Parking Do & Don'ts

The Do's & Don'ts of double parking in New York City.

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Parking while on vacation

While owning a car in New York City has many advantages, one of its disadvantage is parking - and dealing with alternative street parking, especially when you gone for a long period of time and won't be around to move it. What do you do? Here are PSP member tips for parking while on vacation. 

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Being the Noisy Neighbor

So your neighbors said you are too loud. What should you do when you’re the one making the noise?

Moving beyond Park Slope

Are you currently agonizing over moving out of the ‘hood and exploring what options there are beyond Park Slope?

Bad Landlords and Bed Bug Disclosure

A guide to helping you find bad landlords and bed bug history in the house hunt!

The Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Name

Looking to change your name when making things official with your partner or anticipating the birth of a baby? Here's what you need to know.

Many thanks to PSP member Eileen for sharing these helpful steps from her own name-change experience!

The PSP Shopping List: Grilling and Chilling

In the market for a grill? Read on for the best brands, advice on propane vs. pellet, and more.

If you’re a parent in Brooklyn who’s not yet a part of Park Slope Parents, join us today to get connected to the Cooking Group, the Dads Group (where this awesome grilling discussion took place), and so much more!

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The PSP Best and Easy Meet-Up Map

The PSP Best and Easy Meet-Up Map is an interactive, crowd-sourced resource featuring the best spots all over Brooklyn to meet up with your pregnancy, baby, toddler, or kid group.

If you're a parent in Brooklyn who's not yet a member of PSP, head HERE to get connected to your new community.

 meet up map

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Where in the World Did I Park My Car?

Always forgetting where you left your car? Because locating a parking spot is only half the battle, Join PSP and get advice on all aspects of living and raising kids in Brooklyn, from finding a car to feeding a baby and far beyond!


Idiosyncrasies of Urban Life: Things to Know for Life in NYC/Brooklyn

Just arrived in the wild and wonderful world of NYC? Read on for must-know tips and life hacks from your new neighbors. And even if you're a seasoned New Yorker, you might just learn something new!

Spoiler alert:Our top tip is to join Park Slope Parents if you're a parent in Brooklyn! Since 2002, PSP's powerful, passionate, and caring community of 7,000+ member families has shared advice online and IRL on everything from child care to health

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Top Tips for Buying/Leasing a Car

Car ownership ticked up dramatically during the Covid pandemic: reported that through June 2020, walk-ins at New York City-area car dealerships were up 38% that year, compared to an overall nationwide increase of 6%. If you’re in the market for a four-wheeler, read on for tips from PSP members; and if you’re still deciding, first check out our article on To Own or Not To Own A Car in New York.


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How to Have a Newborn with No Car

Advice for public transit–loving parents on getting baby home from the hospital and handling doctor's appointments in the early days.

New York City Voting Information

Click here for details on where to vote in your neighborhood

To Own or Not To Own A Car in New York

To own a car, or to not own a car in Brooklyn - that is the question...