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Resources for Renting Woes

Nobody wants to have to break their lease or be in debt to their landlord, but life happens. If you’re finding yourself in a challenging situation with your apartment or small business venue, these resources and tips sourced from PSP members can help.

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Here’s What You Need to Know to Vote in NYC

According to Brookings, a record 83 percent of voters say that it really matters who wins the election in 2020. Compare that to the 2000 election between George W. Bush and Al Gore, when just 50 percent of the voters thought that it really mattered who won. That unprecedented level of enthusiasm could translate into record-high turnout in November, but achieving that will be a collective effort on a massive scale. Come on, PSP—let’s make it happen!


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The PSP Gift Guide: Tweens and Teens

Tweens and teens may be notoriously difficult to shop for, but our Park Slope Parents members have them outsmarted with these savvy suggestions.


Read on for the recommendations—and if you’re not already a member of PSP, join our community today to connect with parents in our Tweens & Teens Group!



PSP may receive small amounts of compensation for purchases made through affiliate links in this post. We are a community-supported site, and we include these products because they've received positive reviews from our members.


AirPods case

Keep those pods protected with a silicone case. And if Apple isn’t your speed, pick up a pair of Jabra wireless earbuds with an ergonomic shape.


Artmaking books and supplies

-You Are an Artist: Assignments to Spark Creation, by Sarah Urist Green



The PSP Gift Guide: 3s, 4s, and 5s

The ultimate gift guide for the 3s, 4s, and 5s in your life has arrived! From art supplies to costumes to puzzles and beyond, Park Slope Parents members have suggestions for kids of all genders, interests, and attention spans.


Read on for the recommendations—and if you’re not already a member of PSP, join our community today to connect with families raising young ones the same age as yours.



Shopping for someone on the younger side? We have crowdsourced Fantastic First Birthday Gift Ideas, plus member recs for Top Toddler Toys and Activities!




PSP may receive small amounts of compensation for purchases made through affiliate links in this post. We are a community-supported site, and we include these products because they've received positive reviews from our members.


Adventurer kit

Things to include…






Favorite Lunar New Year Picture Books

What’s the PSP Chinese Group talking about this week? Our parents have some recommendations for the best Lunar New Year picture books. Put in your order now to keep the festivities going!


Did you know that Park Slope Parents has more than a dozen bilingual and heritage groups to help you get connected to families in Brooklyn who share your cultural background? Click HERE to get connected; and if you’re not yet a member of PSP, join us HERE!




Noise & Kids - Apartment Living

Question :
Well, we got our first kid-noise complaint today. My downstairs neighbor wrote: I can hear your son running back and forth, back and forth. I can pretty much hear everything down here. Its a bit much, especially at 7:30 AM. "



Raising Bilingual Kids

Parents talk about raisining bilingual kids.




Sleeping Babies & Dear Doggies

One parent raised the following dilemma: “how do parents meet competing needs of all beloved household creatures when they don't fall together, time-wise?’




Partner Parenting

Studies show that women still do more household chores than their partner, including childcare and maintenance. Some call it the invisible workload; others refer to it as the household gender gap or the second shift. Interesting data can be found elsewhere (like this 2016 Huffington Post article) and PSP members have plenty of anecdotal evidence. PSP members also have useful tips and advice about how they distributed childcare tasks. This article divulges their most intimate words of wisdom about sharing the workload with your parent - with a focus on feeding, sleeping, and taking care of the little one in the middle of the night.





Lost or Found a Pet?

Have you found or lost a cat or dog in the neighborhood?  Here's what to do...




Wanna Adopt a Dog? Here's Some Advice

Looking for a a new addition to the family? PSP members have advice on adopting (or fostering) a dog.



- Remember that YOU will be spending a lot of your time with your dog. Make sure you feel confident your family will be able to provide your pet a good and loving home in 5, 10, or 15 years.

- If you are not ready to commit to adoption, try fostering a dog. This is a great way to see if a dog might be right for your family or not.

- Find a dog that is a great match for your family, living situation, schedule, etc. Do research online and determine what kind of dog will best fit your lifestyle (What breed? Big or small? Young or mature? Etc.). Be patient and willing to go back to shelters—they get new dogs all the time.

- Know that dogs can be expensive, and their care takes time, but the love they give makes it all worth it!

- Check out our list of PSP member–recommended shelters here!



Top Tips for Mosquito Control

Plagued by skeeters? PSP members have tips to keep your yard clear so that you can hang outdoors without unwittingly turning yourself into a feast.


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Become a Foster Home for a Dog or Kitty

Interested in Fostering a kitty or dog?



Tips for Subletting and Home Exchanges

With a few simple steps, rules and preparation, home exchanges and subletting can be a really positive experience. As a renter, housing exchanges can offer you the comforts of being in a home and provide your family with plenty of space and amenities. And as a host, you can even make some money from renting out your home to visitors.

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Double Parking Do & Don'ts

The Do's & Don'ts of double parking in New York City.




More Bed Bug Woes

More bed bugs questions answered...

(bed bugs have six legs and are very flat - almost paper thin that helps make them expert hiders)



Please Take Care Of Your Autumn Leaves!

With fall comes spectucular autumn folliage.  Nothing beats the sound of leaves crunching under our feet.  Sadly, New York City streets just can't handle all of it. The leaves, as lovely as they are, clog gutters & drains (especially if you sweep leaves down 'em). And what happens then? Flooding in your apartment. Plus, when leaves pile up it is impossible for street cleaners to do their job. And what happens then? We are left with dirty streets.     

Here are some tips of what to do (but be sure to take a fun fall photo or two before you clean it all up!)



So you have Bed Bugs

From a PSP-er who has been there, done that and had to throw away the T shirt (or at least tumble dried it for 30+ minutes)

bed-46208 640



Pain in the butt! How to deal with a neighbor who smokes

Over the years, PSP members have asked the group about smelling cigarette and cigar smoke from their neighbors.




School Lunch and Snack Ideas

As one PSP Member writes: "my son is starting Kindergarten this fall after having been in a preschool / day care that took care of all of his meals every day. He's used to having hot, healthy meals which basically consist of rice / noodles and a protein and a vegetable (like a stir fry type of thing). Now I have to start making him lunch and I'm not sure where to start..." 




IPhone Apps for kids

Recommendations from the PSP community on iPhone apps their kids love.




Taking Fall Photos of your Kids

It's FALL and the leaves are beautiful right now.  Take some time to use the backdrop of the fall to get some great photos of your family. 

fall greenwood 1



Parking while on vacation

While owning a car in New York City has many advantages, one of its disadvantage is parking - and dealing with alternative street parking, especially when you gone for a long period of time and won't be around to move it. What do you do? Here are PSP member tips for parking while on vacation.  293754573 39fceaae82 z



Shoe Advice For Pregnant Moms

Tips and recommendations from PSP members for what to wear when your feet swell during pregancy.

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Top Tips for a Plant-Based Pregnancy

Looking to maintain a vegan diet during pregnancy and/or the postpartum period? PSP members on our Vegan & Vegetarian Families Group have advice for all stages of the journey.


Important Message from Park Slope Parents (PSP): Just a reminder, PSP member posts are not checked for accuracy. The content is for general informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice. www.parkslopeparents.com is not intended to, and does not, provide medical advice diagnosis or treatment. Never disregard professional medical advice, or delay in seeking it, because of something you have read on the PSP groups or on the www.parkslopeparents.com website. Never rely on information in an e-mail or on our web site in place of seeking professional medical advice.


For more resources geared toward plant-based parents, check out our Plant-Based Resources page. Want to chat with fellow parents about veganism and so much more? Join Park Slope Parents HERE, and if you’re already a member, join the Vegan & Vegetarian Group HERE!


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How to Stay Organized and Get Focused

Parents share how they get organized at work (and also at home) and talk tips, strategies and more about how to stay focused on the job.

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How do we teach kids about Money?

"Show me the money!"

Errr - does that sound more like your Tweenager than Tom Cruise in the movie Jerry Maguire?  For us moms and dads, sometimes we want it to be more like show me the value and appreciation of money.  



Coping with screen time and anger issues

Does your Tween have problems putting down a video game?  One parent asks the PSP advice list about dealing with screen time and anger management issues with their Tween.



Setting Cell Phone Guidelines

What guidelines and boundaries do you set with your cell phone? Here, PSP members discuss, deliberate and debate boundaries and use of mobile phones and technology.



Quality Virtual Time with Grandparents

Zoom fatigue” is very real for us grown-ups, and we were used to staring at screens and making small talk all day even before the pandemic started—so it’s no surprise that young children are at the end of their ropes when it comes to video chatting. If your kids are hesitant about recounting their day to grandparents over FaceTime for the 100th time since March, have no fear: PSP members are here with tips on virtual activities with intergenerational appeal.


grandparent hands



Park Slope's Second Hand and Consignment Stores

A rundown of the second-hand, vintage and consignment stores in Park Slope.

clothing-3739798 1920



PSP Top 20 Stoop Sale-ing Tips

You’ve seen our tips for holding a stoop sale. Here are the top PSP tips for shopping at one…



The PSP Guide to Successful Stoop Sales

Follow these guidelines from our experienced Stoop Salers.




Stroller Repair Tips

Wondering what to do if your stroller breaks? PSP members share what they did to get their stroller fixed.



Top Toddler Toys and Activities

Members on our Park Slope Parents Toddler Groups have shared creative ideas for keeping little ones entertained. Read on for the recs—and if you're a parent in Brooklyn who's not yet a member of PSP, find your community by joining us today!

Shopping for someone on the younger side? We have crowd-sourced Fantastic First Birthday Ideas. Older? Head to the PSP Gift Guide: 3s, 4s, and 5s.





Slow Fashion Resources

A decade ago, stores like H&M, Forever21, and Zara seemed like a wonderland: cheap, easy, and constantly rotating stock to match the latest style. But today, with Forever21 officially bankrupt and the climate crisis dominating public discourse, the detrimental effects of “fast fashion” at all levels of the supply chain are increasingly coming to light. Fortunately, it’s easy to take steps toward being a more responsible consumer—and doing so need not mean compromising your fashion sense.

Below, find an array of resources, both virtual and here in Brownstone Brooklyn, to help you learn about the environmental and human impacts of fast fashion and to clothe yourself and your kids more sustainably.

used clothes




How to Remember Your Reusable Bags

Come March 1, 2020, New Yorkers will be required to BYOB—bring your own bag, that is. In a state where over 23 billion plastic bags are used every year, the bag waste reduction law—which bans all plastic carryout bags from distribution by anyone who collects New York State sales tax—aims to mitigate harm on our communities and the environment. (NOTE: this law doesn't apply to restaurants.) There's just one problem: How in the world are we going to remember our reusable bags when we go to the store? Below, PSP members offer helpful hints.

man-3244702 640



Fantastic First Birthday Gift Ideas

Your little one may not remember their first birthday festivities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them something meaningful that will provide hours of fun, spark their creativity, and stimulate their imaginations. From magnets to memory books, our members have suggestions to suit every baby and budget.


Shopping for someone on the older side? We have crowd-sourced Top Toddler Toys and Activities, plus the PSP Gift Guide: 3s, 4s, and 5s!


birthday-2491381 640 1



There's No Bad Weather, Just Bad Clothes: Dressing Kids for Outdoor School & Play this Winter

Whether your child is enrolled in forest school, contending with unexpected outdoor classes due to the pandemic, or just bundling up for playtime in the park, proper gear is essential! PSP members have your little one covered (literally) with these recommendations.


Remember—there is no bad weather, just bad clothes!


pexels-tetyana-kovyrina-1849335 1



Best of the Best Baby Toys

With all of the options out there for keeping little ones entertained, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Park Slope Parents members to the rescue, with recommendations for toys and play appropriate for babies in the under-one age range.


We’ve also got plenty more shopping lists for the other young ones in your life:

-Stuff for Baby (key provisions for newborns)

-Fantastic First Birthday Gift Ideas

-The PSP Gift Guide: 3s, 4s, and 5s

-The PSP Gift Guide: Tweens and Teens


Last but not least, if you’re not already a member of Park Slope Parents, join our community today to connect with Brooklyn families going through the parenting journey at the same time as you are!


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Bag Recs from the PSP Working Moms

The Park Slope Parents Working Moms Group discusses all facets of nurturing a career and a family, from parental leave to pumping at work and beyond. Here are highlights from a recent discussion on the best commuting bags/backpacks that can convert to diaper bags!


Want to connect with fellow working moms? Find the group HERE in your PSP membership account.


Not yet a member of PSP? Join us today to get connected to Working Moms, Career Networking, and a wide range of career sub-groups.


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Tips for Moth Problems

"A few months ago we bought some rice in bulk and ended up with moths too. Even after throwing out the bag, and combing through the rest of our food to make sure there weren't any more infestations, we still have moths flying around our kitchen. Does anyone have ideas for a surefire (and not too toxic) way to get rid of them?"

Check out member advice below, and read reviews for local exterminators HERE on the PSP website!




So You Want to Recycle?

Where you can recycle batteries, electronics, plastics, running shoes, cell phones, ink cartridges and more in Park Slope. 



Tips to Avoid Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have infested hotels, movie theaters, public transportation, schools, dorms, etc., etc. They also are showing up in the apparel in retail stores, likely brought in from overseas in the original shipment. The bugs are hitchhikers and frequently lay eggs on, or find their way into, clothing, luggage and furniture. Note: to protect yourself entirely from bed bug exposure is practically impossible, but there are many efforts that can significantly reduce your chances of bringing them into your home.

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Taking Care of Your Tree Pits

Tips for taking care of your tree pits.

new-york-2145414 640 



Being the Noisy Neighbor

So your neighbors said you are too loud. What should you do when you’re the one making the noise?

microphone-1209816 640



Balancing Babies and Budgets

It’s time to face the financial facts. Stop avoiding and start planning. PSP moms and dads share the realities of figuring out finances.

money-1885540 640



How to be a GREAT neighbor when Sleep Training

Sleep training your child can be an anxious experience in itself. This anxiety is emphasized in New York, where many parents get nervous about upsetting their neighbors with their crying baby in the early hours of the morning. What can you do to keep the peace with your neighbors?

 insomnia-2434953 640



Bills, bills, bills: Alternatives to Cable (or at least lowering cable bills)

When Benjamin Franklin said nothing is certain but death and taxes - he had no idea about the problems and headaches of cable and internet bills. This article is a summary of PSP member deliberation and discussion about Time Warner Cable (TWC), Leaf, Netflix, Apple TV, FiOS, and more…

office-620822 640



Bills, bills, bills: Members understand ConEd and Electrical Bills

This article is a summary of PSP member deliberation and discussion about ConEd, raises alternatives like Green Mountain and the 2014 increase in electrical costs.

calculator-820330 640



Splitting the Chores

"Does anyone have a tip on how to divvy up household chores and duties?" was a simple question that resulted in a truely PSP-style way: a lively and engaging discussion about egalitarian households, gender dynamics, work/life balance, and more.

elephants-196613 640



What You Need to Know About Hiring, Paying, and Working with House Cleaners

Thinking of hiring someone to keep your apartment neat and tidy? Browse through PSP members’ first-hand experiences to get a better feel for the logistics and special considerations involved.

glitter vacuum



When your utility company ghosts you

Do you have no power - literally and figuratively? PSP members talk about the power struggle when your utlities company won't follow up with your requests.





Hiring a photographer? Read these important safety and contract tips

Know what you're getting when you hire a photographer.  Some photographers don't include the price of your digital image in their session rate, some people will give you all the digital negatives, and others only a few.  Here are some things to think about as you hire a photographer.





"You always cook what you want to eat..."

A note from the former PSP food writer...

the offenring meal



Beyond the Kids' Menu

Kid friendly risotto recipe...




What To Do With All Those CSA Vegetables

Suggestions for what to make with veggies from the CSA box.




Liberate Yourself from Takeout with Purple Kale Kitchenworks

Meet Ronna from Purple Kale workshops...




Slouching Toward Domestic Deity

How to can fruit and pickle veggies.




Spontaneous Confections

Gingersnaps in a snap and other quick baking ideas




What's for Lunch? We Can Make it Better!

How to get your kids to eat well at Brooklyn schools.




It’s Good to Like Kale

Some delicious ideas and tips for preparing kale...




The Popsicle Pantry (cocktails, too!)

How to make simple syrup for cold and hot beverages... a watermelon Popsicle recipe thrown in there too!




Parents Need to Eat Too

easy - and yummy - recipe suggestions for busy moms and dads.

toa-heftiba-VNu0yM4kFdA-unsplash 1



Turning Trash into a Treat

delicious recipes you can make with food you would normally toss.

etienne-girardet-vNlx-zpUPAw-unsplash 1 



Braising Root Vegetables

How to braise delicious roast vegetables.

yuval-zukerman-KluF3bl0VEU-unsplash 1



The Story of Toast Crusts

A recipe with toast crusts




Non Sugary Foods Ideas for Breakfast

Looking for alternative ideas to sugary cereals and sweets to feed you and the kiddos for breakfast?  Here, parents list their favorite morning meals that are easy to prepare. Mix your morning up...




Plant-Based Resources

Below are some helpful resources for parents at all stages of the vegan/vegetarian/plant-based journey. For more, Park Slope Parents has a Vegetarian/Vegan group. Join here if you are a Brooklyn parent and want to gain access to other families who are raising their children on a plant-based diet!

veg resources



What to cook for a friend with a summer baby

There’s nothing like summer heat to make you lose your appetite. Fortunately, PSP members have you covered with ideas for thoughtful and delicious recipes to make for all of your friends with new summer babies!

anda-ambrosini-UOEB1ztsDMo-unsplash 3



Summer Camp Lunch Box Ideas

PSP members have tons of ideas on how to freshen up your child’s lunch box, including peanut butter alternatives if you attend an allergy-safe camp.


Want more? Check out School Lunch and Snack Ideas, which includes recipes sourced by PSP members—and if you’re not yet a member of the community, join PSP today!


pexels-vanessa-loring-5971876 1



Tips for Getting to School on Time

Tips for getting to school on time and suggestions of what your "routine" should look like.



Time Saving Tips To Get Out Of The House On Time

Parents share their tips for getting out of the house on time as easily, quickly, calmly, and pain-free as possible.



How to Get Kids Out of Bed in the Morning

Wondering how to get your kid out of bed in the morning? You are not alone with this problem! Here, PSP parents share how they successfully get their teen/tween out of bed in the morning.

 pancake-1937478 640



Sharing A Room

Park Slope Parents members share advice on successful cohabitation between siblings, including tips on preparing for a room share and troubleshooting if things go awry with the new roommates.




Better Than Sliced Bread (For Parking Scooters)

One parent's love tor finding a tool for organizing "scooter clutter"



Allowance: Show ‘em the Money

PSP members share their two cents on what you need to know about allowance



Moving with Children

Advice from PSP Members about making the transition to a new home as smooth as possible.




Moving Resources

Utilities, moving boxes, and beyond.




Bad Landlords and Bed Bug Disclosure

A guide to helping you find bad landlords and bed bug history in the house hunt!



Security Deposit Tips

One PSP member and licensed Real Estate Broker shares all you need to know for avoiding a security deposit "situation"



Moving beyond Park Slope

Are you currently agonizing over moving out of the ‘hood and exploring what options there are beyond Park Slope?



TOP 12 Things to Think About When Moving (including what to tip movers!)

Moving can be a stressful time. But if you take steps to familiarize yourself with the way it is regulated and what rights and responsibilities you have, you'll likely have a much smoother move. Here are some things to think about as you prepare for your move.

Need some tips for making the transition with kids run more smoothly?  Check out our Moving with Kids article.  


Image by Nicolas Huk




Moving Resources from Park Slope Parents




Here are useful links to bookmark and have handy as you prepare your move. We've got advice about the logistics of moving with small kids, what to tip movers, the differences of small vs. large moves, how to get your security deposit back, bed bugs (ugh), and more!   


Want PSP member advice?

Things to Think About When Moving (including what to tip movers!)

Security Deposit Tips

Moving with Children

Bad Landlords and Bed Bug Disclosure


Apartment Listing Websites recommended by Park Slope Parents members:


AddressReport: ranks landlords/neighborhood/local amenities.

Streeteasy.com -- advanced search tools including searching by commute time.

UrbanEdgeNY.com -- no fee apartment listings directly from landlords.

InsideDigs -- connects you to the current apartment occupants of units up for rent.

NYBits.com -- aggregates units for rent from other sites.

NakedApartments.com -- landlords/brokers pay monthly fee, but renters do not pay to search. Allows for reviews of brokers.

Craigslist.com -- elder of the bunch, narrow search by borough.

Trulia -- Trulia is an all-in-one real estate site that gives you the local scoop about homes for sale, apartments for rent, neighborhood insights, and real estate markets.


Padmapper -- plots listings, depends on current data; gives you a sense of cost variations

RentQuo.comRentQuo.com -- personal concierges find your perfect apartment based on your lifestyle, friends, and hobbies.

getoliver.comgetoliver.com -- app for apartment hunting

padspin.com -- I also found out about another one, but very few listings in PS :


Looking for member recommended movers?

Get recommendations from PSP members about movers HERE


Looking for member recommended real estate brokers and agents? 

Get recommendations from PSP members about real estate brokers and agents HERE


Other resources:

Curbed.com -- good for real estate gossip

New York State Department of Transportation’s Dos and Don’ts

US Department of Transportation’s Protect Your Move website


Read more moving advice from PSP HERE


Advice on Limiting Screen Time

A parent asks: "I'm looking for successful strategies for limiting device time. How do you set clear, enforceable limits without too much resistance, arguing or stress?  I have a 10 year old who is predictably addicted to her new iphone. I'd be grateful for any advice."



Technology Advice and Safety Tips for Kids and Teens

Did your child get a new laptop, smartphone, or other electronic device? This is a good time to educate your child about safety surrounding their device - both online and in the real world. This is also a good opportunity to consider a technology agreement (PSP provides you with one!). This is also a good time to think about your family's policy surrounding social media.



Screen Time and Social Connection for Kids

In a recent webinar sponsored by PS 321, speech-language pathologist and mindfulness teacher Susan Ehlerman Brennan shared her wisdom on using tech to enhance your child’s social world. Park Slope Parents listened in on Brennan’s insights as she made a case for how technology—far from rotting kids’ brains—can actually enhance and expand their interactions and interpersonal connections, both remotely and in person.


Below, we’re sharing some key takeaways from the webinar, as well as some advice from Park Slope Parents HQ on integrating tech in a developmentally appropriate way.





New York City Voting Information

Click here for details on where to vote in your neighborhood



How to Have a Newborn with No Car

Advice for public transit–loving parents on getting baby home from the hospital and handling doctor's appointments in the early days.

child-85321 1920




Top Tips for Buying/Leasing a Car during Covid

Despite daily disinfection and mask protocols, public transportation still feels like a risky option right now, and many families are weighing their options when it comes to buying or leasing a car. The uptick has been a dramatic one: Cars.com reported that through June, walk-ins at New York City-area car dealerships were up 38% this year, compared to an overall nationwide increase of 6%. If you’re in the market for a four-wheeler, read on for tips from PSP members on everything from no-contact car purchases to handling the risks of street parking. And if you’re still deciding, first check out our article on To Own or Not To Own A Car in New York.


fuad-obasesan-eI9sde Blrw-unsplash crop



Idiosyncrasies of Urban Life: Things to Know for Life in NYC/Brooklyn

Just arrived in the wild and wonderful world of NYC? Read on for must-know tips and life hacks from your new neighbors. And even if you're a seasoned New Yorker, you might just learn something new!


Spoiler alert: Our top tip is to join Park Slope Parents if you're a parent in Brooklyn! Since 2002, PSP's powerful, passionate, and caring community of 6,500+ member families has shared advice online and IRL on everything from child care to health care, summer camps to haircutters, and coping with teething, terrible twos, and the tween/teen years. Head HERE to meet your new community!


Want more? Download the full Park Slope Guide to the Neighborhood, including neighborhood resources, local "bucket list" activities, and more, HERE!





Where in the World Did I Park My Car?

Always forgetting where you left your car? Because locating a parking spot is only half the battle, Join PSP and get advice on all aspects of living and raising kids in Brooklyn, from finding a car to feeding a baby and far beyond!


pexels-magda-ehlers-3716637 1



The PSP Best and Easy Meet-Up Map

The PSP Best and Easy Meet-Up Map is an interactive, crowd-sourced resource featuring the best spots all over Brooklyn to meet up with your pregnancy, baby, toddler, or kid group.


If you're a parent in Brooklyn who's not yet a member of PSP, head HERE to get connected to your new community.


meet-up map



Anti-Racism Resources for Tweens, Teens, and their Parents

A curated list of movies, books, and resources, drawn from our Understanding Race page and from across the web, to help families of tweens and teens educate and engage.

teens protesting



Understanding Race in Today's Times

Over the past few months, PSP members have brought up race, racism, inequality, and white privilege and its complexities in everyday life.

Read on for resources, and if you'd like to continue the discussion, join the PSP Anti-Racist Working Group (ARWG), which is dedicated to anti-racist discussion, organization, and action within Park Slope Parents and our greater community. If you're not yet a member of PSP, join us HERE; and if you are, click HERE to become part of the ARWG.



~ ~ ~ 

In this article:

Recommended Resources:

Articles and books to read
       On being an anti-racist parent
       On anti-racism in the workplace

Podcasts and clips
Books for kids
School desegregation and equity
Anti-Racism Workshops
Other resources to keep you engaged
Organizations/places to donate
Past events
Other tips

Have a tween or teen at home? Also check out our roundup of Anti-Racism Resources for Tweens, Teens, and their Parents.

For resources specifically regarding anti-Asian racism and racial education, visit our page on Educating Our Kids and Ourselves on Anti-Asian Racism.

Read Park Slope Parents' statement on Black Lives Matter here.



Multilingual and Bilingual Resources

From books to bookstores, blogs, and more, here are some resources and ideas for raising a family with multiple languages.

baby reading cyrillic



The PSP Guide to Raising Bilingual Children

The positive effects of bilingualism on all areas of life, from brainpower to academic and career success, have been well documented. If you've chosen to raise your child with more than one language, the Park Slope Parents Guide to Raising Bilingual Children—featuring insights from three speech and language professionals—is the perfect handbook to help you through each stage of the journey.

reading big e

The PSP Guide to Raising Bilingual Children features 25+ pages of wisdom, including crowd-sourced experiences from multilingual families in Brooklyn, professional advice from experts in the field, and links to outside resources to help you deepen your own research. This guide is available at no additional cost for members.

Head HERE to download the Bilingual Guide! Make sure you're logged into your membership account to download for FREE. If you're not a member, you can purchase the guide for a small fee.

bilingual guide cover

Not yet a part of our community? If you're a parent in Brooklyn, sign up today and get:

- Dozens of Specialty Groups to fit your career, cultural heritage, hobbies, and much more
- Good stuff CHEAP on the Classifieds
- Discussions on all aspects of NYC life on our Advice/Community Group
- Monthly Pregnancy and Baby Groups
- More than 350 online and in-person events per year
- Discounts at 300+ local businesses - check them out HERE
- Access to the Bilingual Guide, PLUS 100+ pages of members-only wisdom for every age and stage, including the PSP Guides to Daycare, Preschool, Kindergarten, Nannies, Babysitters, and Birthday Parties.

SOLD? Join us now!

QUESTIONS? Contact us at  !



Educating Our Kids and Ourselves on Anti-Asian Racism

A round-up of podcasts, articles, and resources shared by PSP members to help you educate yourself and your family on the legacy of anti-Asian racism in the United States and how we can move forward.


For more resources on racial education, visit our page on Understanding Race in Today’s Times.


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Photo via Elvert Barnes



I found a baby bird! What do I do?

So you found a baby bird fallen out of it's nest.  Here are some following resources to help your winged friend!



What to do about Raccoons

Yes, there are Raccoons in Brooklyn! However cute they may be, they can be a nuisance when they forage in your trash, nest in your roof, or sneak into your kitchen.  Here are tips from your PSP neighbors!



What birds am I hearing in the AM?

Do you wake up to the sound of the morning chorus in Park Slope and Brooklyn?


Photo: an American Kestrel in Prospect Heights (image via here, thanks to a Creative Commons license)



Top Tips for Adopting a Cat

Looking to add a four-legged friend to your family? PSP members have all the recommendations you need for the purr-fect cat adoption.


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Relationship between Pets and Baby

Advice on introducing your dogs or cats to your baby.




Steam Pipe Radiator Covers and Keeping Kids Safe from Radiators

Radiator covers are your responsibility as a parent (not the landlord's). How do you make sure kids don't touch the radiators or pipes? You can either purchase covers (price ranges from $150 - $500) or fabric pads (e.g., Rad Pads, $50-$100), have covers especially made (see PSP recommendations of people who can make them for you), or some of the less costly alternatives given by PSP members::





Home Safety with Home Help

Information about safegaurding your house when hiring housekeepers/nannies/caregivers and other hired help around the home.



How to Handle a Mold Problem

PSP Members share advice about handling mold.



To Own or Not To Own A Car in New York

To own a car, or to not own a car in Brooklyn - that is the question...