ISO: Mediocre Nanny IMMEDIATELY (April 1 Start Date)!

We're in desperate need for a nanny, but we don't need a great one.  A "pretty good" , "slightly used" or even "like new elderly" nanny will be fine.  

Ideal candidate will be FROM PARK SLOPE.  We want the right kind of nanny, and since our kids are from Park Slope, why look outside of perfect?  Additional requirements:  advanced degree in a child-related field or social work, or retired teacher (no gym teachers please).  Fluency in English required; fluency in French and Flemish a plus. Fluency in other Romance Language considered.  Must also be able to draw.

Responsibilities include but are definitely not limited to:
Cook for, feed, clean up after, bathe, read to and put to sleep 15 month old "above average" triplets.  

Hours: 7am to 8pm.  Nanny should arrive just after the kids have been fed breakfast, will clean them and take them out of the house all day to various activities and classes or to the park, to return at 6pm to feed, bathe and put them to bed before we return from dinner (typically at or around 8pm each night though occasionally it may be later).  

We will need this person to work a minimum of 7 days per week.  Some weeks we may require an extra day. If that is the case, meals that day will be provided at a discounted rate.

This position will be unpaid for the first month as a "trial and adjustment" period.  If at least 2 of the 3 kids approve of the nanny, full time pay may be offered at some point.

Additional benefits include:
Exposure to three wonderful, though temperamental, above average, extremely gifted free-range children of wonderfully intelligent and well educated Park Slope Parents.
1 unlimited metrocard per month (half of which will be paid for by nanny)
Use of bathroom and kitchen for all childcare-related purposes (a small container of personal food may be kept in the fridge for one personal meal per day).
Free access to post daily pictures of kids on family blog.
Discounted airline ticket provided on all family vacations (lodging to be paid by nanny).
Must love cats (we have six).

Happy April!

(3 bratty kids, 6 wonderful cats)