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In this section you will find help for posting on the Park Slope Parents network & answers to the most frequently asked questions


Send Us A Review or Recommendation

Everything you need to know about posting a review/recommendation on the Park Slope Parents website.  Please read through the information below.  You'll be directed to a form to send us a review once you've skimmed the info.  NOTE: Only active members of Park Slope Parents can submit a review.



Where is my Nanny post?

Help PSP, I posted about my Nanny and I don't see it!



Posting for Friends Who Are Looking for Childcare


Park Slope Parents no longer accepts posts for FRIENDS who are ISO a nanny, babysitter or caregiver. The PSP community management team
strives for transparency, trust and community.  Because of the sensitive nature of caregiver posts, this important component is lost when deferred to affiliation.



Posting to the PSP Website

Are you looking to submit a review or recommendation to the Park Slope Parents website?  Here find the information here to get you started.


You must be a Park Slope Parents member to post a review to our website or a message to our list (unless you want to advertise, then we'll do it for you).

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Posting to PSP Big Groups or Specialty Groups

Are you looking to submit a post to one of Park Slope Parents Listserves or Specialty Groups?  Find the information here to get you started.



Problems Posting?

Are you having problems posting?  Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.



Park Slope Parents Policy for Posting about Tweens/ Teens Looking for Work

Please go HERE for the updated guidelines!





We’ve updated our policy on Tweens/Teens/College Students looking for work so please read the following.

We encourage parents to help their younger kids to find jobs on the Classifieds. 

Post for jobs such as:

Yard Work, leaf raking, snow shoveling, light moving/schlepping
Birthday party/catering help
House/pet sitting, dog walking

Please note we do not allow parents to post for kids regarding higher paying jobs such as tutors or website designers. In addition, if your child is over 22 and looking for babysitting/nanny jobs they need to be recommended by an employer who is a Park Slope Parents member.

If your situation fits our requirements, here are the guidelines:

Post with "Teen/College Student looking for work" in the subject line.
The contact information must be the parent (for safety reasons).
All done? Please resend to and we will be happy to post.


Put YOUR contact information in your post (not the teen’s) so you can vet the inquiry and decide on the safety and legitimacy of the post. While this does not put the full responsibility on the teen, we feel this is the safest way to protect those involved.

It's up to the parent to use a screening method that s/he feels appropriate and pass contact info on.

Best of luck and we hope that your child finds great work!


Guidelines for Selling a Car Seat/ Crib

If you are buying/selling a car seat, take a minute to make sure it has not been recalled or expired. Here are some links to find out...



Posting with a Mac Address

Are you having issues with a Mac Address? Some folks have been having problems & here's how they've fixed it.



FAQs to Anonymous

You are not alone! Your question comes up more often than you think. Before you post your problem to the group, please take a moment to review the resources, member replies, and reviews PSP editorial team put together bsaed on posts similar to yours.



The Park Slope Parents Joining Agreement

Park Slope Parents (PSP) is committed to building a community in which members offer neighborly support, treating one another with respect, kindness, and compassion. To join PSP you must read and agree to comply with the following guidelines for membership that help keep the PSP community strong.



Career Networking Posting Policies

This page talks about the Posting Policies for the PSP Career Networking group.



PSP's Anonymous Post Policy

Have something personal you'd like to have us post for you?

Help is here! 



What To Do When You See Someone's Nanny Do Something You Don't Approve Of

Did you see something that you didn't like at the playground, on the street, in the Park or elsewhere around the 'hood?  Before contacting the list or the anonymous moderators with what you saw, please review what PSP has to say about these kind of posts first.



Requirements for Real Estate Posts

Want to post a real estate message to sell or rent property on the Park Slope Parents Classifieds Group? Great! Here are the requirements for real estate posts, plus some guidelines for getting the best response.

NOTE: Real estate posts are screened by special moderators, so there may be a 24–36 hour delay in posting.




Posting Information for Local Public Schools and Religious Organizations

Here are FAQs about posting for a local public school or religious organization. Are you a non-profit? Information about how to post for a non-profit can be found here.




Got a tween, teen, or college student looking for work? Here's how to use the Park Slope Parents Classifieds to help them find a gig!

You must be a member of Park Slope Parents to post to the Classifieds. If you're a parent in Brooklyn who's not yet a member, join HERE!




Posting for a Friend Policy

While we’d love to help everyone we also want to be respectful of our members’ time by keeping the number of posts manageable and preserving the close-knit feel of the group. PSP asks that when possible friends (like the one you posted for) should become members themselves and experience first-hand the camaraderie and community that makes PSP a go to resource for 7,000+ families throughout Brooklyn.



PSP Endorsement Policy

Park Slope Parents (PSP) occasionally receives requests from our advertisers, local businesses, and commercial vendors to provide product reviews or service endorsements.

Park Slope Parents does not participate in such requests.