Where Is My Post?

Help PSP, I don't see my post!

Don't worry! This is probably due to a few reasons:


1) Your message was rejected and you didn't see the reject message

Our posts are closely moderated and your post could have been rejected because it didn't meet the requirements we have for certain messages. For example, posts about your Nanny must meet this special set of requirements.  Similarly, we have requirements for Real Estate listings, Buying/Selling items, and more.  See the full list of our various posting policies HERE

Check your SPAM folder for a reject message from the moderators.

Attention Gmail Users: If you are a Gmail user, search one of the tabs (see HERE for our instructions about how to do that).  Sometimes posts from the PSP Moderators can end up in the wrong place. Also for Gmail users, If you are set to receive group messages individually rather than by digest, you would expect to get a copy of your sent message to the list -- but if you are using Gmail - it won't ever be received.


2) Your message hasn't been approved yet. We love your enthusiasm, but please be patient!

Because our posts are moderated, it can sometimes take a while for messages to be approved.  For example, Nanny Posts can take 24-36 hours and Real Estate listings can take 2-3 days to be approved by our moderators who must check and verify information.


3) In most cases, your message has been approved - you just need to search properly for it.

Once you are signed in, you will see a search box that says "search."  Use a unique keyword from your post like your name or some other individual identifer you remember from your recommendation and you'll be able to see the post.

 nanny post search