Where is my Nanny post?

Help PSP, I posted about my Nanny and I don't see it!


Maybe your message was approved, you just missed it.  Use SEARCH to see if your message was approved. 

Once you are signed in to the PSP Classifieds Group, you will see a search box that says "search."  Use a unique keyword from your post like you or your Nanny's last name, the last four digits of the phone number you provided, or some other individual identifer you remember from your recommendation and you'll be able to see the post about your Nanny.

nanny post search 


If you STILL don't see it, here are some reasons why.


1) It's still within 36 hours since you sent your post to the PSP Classifieds Group.


Park Slope Parents has a dedicated Nanny moderator.  Posts are usually checked every 24 - 36 hours (sometime a little longer at the weekend or on a holiday). 

Thanks in advance for your patience!


2) Your message was rejected and you didn't see the reject message


Our Nanny posts are closely moderated and to for a Nanny post to be approved, it must meet the special set of requirements PSP asks for with caregiver recommendations. Check your SPAM folder. If you are a GMail user, check one of your GMAil tabs. Sometimes posts from the PSP Moderators can end up in the wrong place.  Read all the requirements for Nanny posts HERE.


3) You sent your recommendation from an email address not associated with your Park Slope Parents membership.


We get that there are a lot of email addresses to keep track of.  The email address that you signed up with is the email address you need to send your Nanny recommendation from.


4) You are a member of Park Slope Parents, but not a member of the Park Slope Parents Classifieds List.


To join the PSP Classifieds Group, please follow the instructions HERE.



Finally, if you are helping your Nanny find a new job, be sure to read our guide HERE with tips, advice & all the different ways to secure the next family for your caregiver.