Requirements for Nanny Share [NANNY SHARE] posts on the PSP Classifieds Group

Looking for a Nanny Share? Read on to learn about making a post to the PSP community and finding the perfect childcare situation for your family.

Please note that you'll need to be a member of our community to make a Nanny Share post. Learn more and find your new support group HERE!



Check out The PSP Guide to a Successful Nanny Share.


Don’t Have a Nanny in Mind?

Specifically mention that you do NOT have a nanny in mind.


Have a Nanny In Mind?

We need you to post about your BOTH your nanny family needs and information about your nanny. CUT AND PASTE the template below and fill in ALL the *REQUIRED information.


Please remember:


  • ONLY First Hand Recommendations are allowed (You may not recommend a relative, friend, someone who worked for someone else or yourself. You may not post for a friend’s nanny).
  • Posts are allowed every two weeks (max 12 posts per nanny per calendar year). (Combine the recommendations for extra credibility).
  • Nationality is NOT allowed in the subject line.
  • You must agree to INTEGRITY POLICY (*see below).
  • Park Slope Parents STRONGLY ENCOURAGES all families to take a moment to review the PSP Guide to a Successful Nanny Share.  
  • After you have filled out the template below, please send your post to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Nanny posts take up to 36 hours to screen and approve (longer on weekends).


NEW NYC SALARY TRANSPARENCY LAW    Starting in November 2022, all job posts must include pay/salary range.  (Yes, this includes job listings for domestic workers.)












*Willing to travel?

*Willing to host?

*Number and age of children:

*Needed Hours/ Schedule?

*Pay range:



*Name (first/last):

*Date Started Working For You:

Include a brief paragraph about your IDEAL Share:

(detail your “must haves,” including parenting philosophies that might be important, limitations/flexibility, extracurricular activities, importance of a routine).

- NOTE: If you specify that you are looking for a nanny who has received their Covid-19 vaccination, you must also disclose your family's vaccination status in your ISO post.


*WHAT IS THE PSP INTEGRITY POLICY? When you “Agree to Integrity Policy” you agree that:

  • Your post is an honest representation of your experience with the nanny, not a fabrication or misrepresentation. You attest that what is written is true. (For the sake of the other family you will be sharing your nanny with, keep it real).

  • When you agree to the Integrity Policy, the following message will be appended to the beginning of you post: "This poster has agreed to the Park Slope Parents Integrity Policy, asserting that this post represents the employer's actual experience with the Nanny. To view the policy, please click here:"

  • NOTE: False recommendations are a Class A misdemeanor known as “False Advertising”, punishable by up to a year in jail, under Section 190.20 of the New York State Penal Law which states in pertinent part  “a person is guilty of false advertising when, with intent to promote the sale or to increase the consumption of property or services, he makes or causes to be made a false or misleading statement in any advertising…”

  • IF you agree to these statements, add "AGREE TO INTEGRITY POLICY" on the first line of your email.