Posting for Friends Who Are Looking for Childcare

Park Slope Parents no longer accepts posts for FRIENDS who are ISO a nanny, babysitter or caregiver. The PSP community management team
strives for transparency, trust and community.  Because of the sensitive nature of caregiver posts, this important component is lost when deferred to affiliation.

Instead, PSP asks that friends become a member themselves and experience first hand the camaraderie and community that makes PSP a go to resource for 5,000+ families throughout Brooklyn.

Communication must be from member to member, where there is a mutual and vested interest in maintaining the transparency, trust and

Park Slope Parents takes great care to ensure that nannies do not "troll" the Classifieds list and post about themselves directly. If at any point through out a search process you encounter misrepresentation or a nanny contacting you firsthand, please alert the PSP community
management team.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.