Take 5 minutes to Save the Earth!

See a list of easy ways to help save the earth!

Save Landfills

  1. Use reusable shopping bags

Save Water

  1. Use low flow toilets (or a jar of water in your current toilet) and water saving shower-heads.

  2. Bathe with your baby and save water!

  3. Bathe your baby and yourself less frequently


Save Earth

  1. Grow some plants.

  2. Stop Junk Mail

  3. Print Preview many times before you print!

  4. Join the library instead of buying books.

  5. Eat more vegetarian meals. Cows, sheep and goats produce methane, one of the main greenhouse gases.

  6. Compost

  7. Use dolphin safe tuna or don’t eat tuna at all

  8. Get a reusable water bottle instead of disposable bottles.

  9. Use earth-friendly products for cleaning (e.g., vinegar instead of glass cleaner)

  10. Use reusable mugs instead of getting a disposable cup of coffee.

  11. Love a shark. There are more than 400 endangered species of sharks and they are a necessary part of our eco-system

  12. Pick up litter you see on the street.


Save Energy/Fuel

  1. Unplug electronics instead of leaving them on standby.

  2. Buy more local food

  3. Buy Fresh, not frozen

  4. Use energy saving light bulbs.

  5. Use a programmable thermostat and turn it down in the winter and up in the summer!

  6. Walk, bike, razor, skate and Take Mass Transit instead of a personal vehicle

  7. Purchase a hybrid car
  8. Insulate and use weather stripping in your house, attic and garage.

  9. Paint your walls a lighter color so you need less artificial light

  10. Dine by candlelight—saves on electricity!


Reuse, Renew and Recycle

  1. Recycle old cell phones and unplug current cell phone chargers,

  2. Join Free Cycle and give and get free stuff.

  3. Visit Junkk.com to find wonderful things you can do with junk.

  4. Buy less and live more simply- it reduces waste and also saves money.