Join the SDS Group (Separated, Divorced, Single Parents)

The purpose of the SDS (Separated, Divorced, and Single) Parents group is to provide positive support and resources for parents dealing with issues of separation, divorce, co-parenting with a former partner, and single parenting.


We hope to have online support as well as family-friendly and adult-only night and weekend events, babysitting swaps, and more. We wish to create a space where members feel like they have a safe place to connect with others who "get it." 

We recognize that there are particular challenges for those who aren't parenting in a situation where two parents are raising their children together. We want to provide resources and a forum to meet those challenges, while supporting and respecting the validity and great strength of these families.  There are different ways to parent, different types of families and circumstances, and we strive to be inclusive, compassionate, and respectful of a variety of family structures and circumstances.   Single parents by choice, divorced LGBT parents whose marriages (and divorces) may not be legally recognized, parents considering separation, and parents in the process of divorce are all welcome. Lurkers as well as active participants are welcome. 


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Did you know we also have a SINGLE PARENTS BY CHOICE group? Find out more HERE.


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