PSP Career Networking

PSP Career Networking is an official off-shoot of the Park Slope Parents listserve. The group provides a supportive and active networking community for parents interested in: networking, changing careers, looking for work, going back to school, discussing work/life balance and offering employment or advice to other members.

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Important Note! in March 2015, The PSP Career Advice and Networking moved from Yahoo to Club Express. The new General Career Networking Specialty group is located on (We moved off Yahoo groups for ease of administration.)


Membership fee associated with the group. Launched in June, 2009 by two active members of Park Slope Parents, the group now has over 800 members online and is growing each week. In addition to online introductions, job postings and discussions, the group hosts in-person events. Past events include:


  •      "Meet & greet" luncheons and mixers
  •       Industry-specific meet-ups (editorial, non-profit, etc.)
  •       Book launches & panel discussions related to work-life balance and career change (e.g., "War on Moms" by Sharon Lerner)
  •       "What's Next for Your Career?" Workshops with industry experts




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NOTE: PSP Career Networing does not post jobs or positions that are based on Network/Multi-Level Marketing models.