How to Join the PSP Baby Groups

Interested in a Pregnancy or New Parent Group with other folks expecting around the same time as you? Join a Park Slope Parents Baby Group! And if you're a Brooklyn parent who's not yet a member of Park Slope Parents, let's fix that. Join us HERE! You'll join a baby group as part of the sign up process. We'll get you added when you join!



What is a PSP Baby Group?

A PSP Baby Group is an easy way for folks who are expecting or have new babies to meet up and chat with others. Some details:

  • Expectant parents start meeting a few months before their babies are born, so you’ll have a chance to bond through the whole process!
  • Baby Groups share an online community and also have regular meetings 
  • There are individual Monthly groups (e.g., May 2020 Babies, June 2020, Babies, etc.) and also "Seasonal" groups created a few months after the babies are born (e.g., Fall 2019 Babies).

  • Click HERE to see the ever-growing list of PSP Baby Groups, plus our many special interest, cultural, and career groups!

JOIN Park Slope Parents HERE.  When you join, you'll enter your due date or birth date, and within a day or two of becoming a member you'll receive a message welcoming to the group. 

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