How to Join the PSP Baby Groups

Interested in a Pregnancy or New Parent Group with other folks expecting around the same time as you? Join a Park Slope Parents Baby Group!



What is a PSP Baby Group?


A PSP Baby Group is an easy way for folks who are expecting or have new babies to meet up and chat with others. Some details:


  • Baby Groups not only share an online community but also plan regular, offline meetings in the neighborhood! 
  • There are individual monthly groups (e.g., May 2013 Babies, June 2011 Babies, etc.) and also "Seasonal" groups created every past season (e.g., Fall 2012 Babies).
  • Pregnant Moms start meeting before their babies are born so you’ll bond through the whole process!


What are the different PSP Baby Groups?


  • click HERE to see the 30+ (and growing!) list of PSP Baby Groups!


JOIN at Park Slope Parents by going to There's a place to enter your due date/birth date and in a few days you'll receive a welcome message to the group.


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