Find and Join a Language & Bilingual Group

PSP Specialty Groups include our very active Bilingual Groups. These groups are for parents who have an interest in, or who speak in, languages other than English. The focus is on arranging activities conducted in a foreign language as well as providing support.  Our Multilingual Families group is a primary source of engagement for families speaking in languages other than English. This group offers networking and support for parents raising kids to speak multiple languages at home.


To get signed up to a Specialty Group, fill our form out HERE.


Chinese Language Group

Dutch Language Group

French Language Group

German Language Group

Italian Language Group

Polish Bilingual Group

Japanese Language Group

Russian Language Group

Spanish Language Group

Korean Language Group

Brazilian Portuguese Language Group

African American Carribean Heritage Group

Multilingual Families

Interested? for more informtion on how to join one of PSP's many specialty groups, visit us HERE!