An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Halloween

Is it your first Halloween in the 'hood? Here is the spooktacular scoop on having a great Halloween with very small children.




Do you have babies, little ones, tiny tots or rug rats? Halloween in the Slope is great fun for all ages - with a little forethought.



- Go early while it's still light

- Some stores on 7th Avenue say "no trick or treaters til 4" but they tell Park Slope Parents that kids come right after school. 

- If you start trick or treating at  4:30 then you have plenty of time to get in some trick or treating, grab a quick dinner then line up for the start of the Halloween parade (which usually steps off at around 6:30pm, check PSP for latest parade information)



- Choose 2 or 3 streets - that's usually enough for most kids and do you really need that much candy?

- Scout out blocks & houses with a lot of Halloween decorations - that's a big indication that there will be celebrations! Parents also suggest that brownstone and wood frame house blocks are great and welcoming to trick or treaters.

- Coop & apartment buildingss are never to be “outsider welcoming” for trick or treating.  However -if you do find one that is there are many people who just leave a big bowl of candy out for trick or treaters - which you may find heaven or hell depending on your perspective.


Equipment to bring:

- Strollers are great for marching in the Halloween parade, but not so great for getting around on the crowded sidewalks. Consider bringing a carrier and/or a stroller that folds easily to facilitate getting through the crush. Joining the parade at the end of the procession is generally easier and joining near the end of the route (say, 3rd Street and 7th Avenue) let's kids march but not so long that it becomes exhausting.


Make it sociable!

- Go with friends and make it an occasion. Have a quickie kid dinner of brains, eyeballs and spiders (Babble has some brilliant Halloween foods) then head out for trick-or-treating and the parade, which starts at 6:30 pm at the junction of at 14th Street and 7th Avenue. It's not a long parade so you should be able to get home by 7:45 (if you don't go to the Old Stone House Post Parade Jam).


Post Halloween:

Overwhelmed by candy? Some local dentists will “buy back” those teeth-melting treats. In the past dentists who have offered services include: Dr. Robert Souferian will be buying back up to 5 pounds of candy per child on Nov 1 at 8301 3rd Ave between 330-700pm! He pays a dollar a pound. Kids get cash, a goody bag and a new toothbrush. The candy goes to troops overseas! For North Slopers, Dr. Alan Azrak on Union between 7th and 8th Avenue will also be holding a toothy trade-in and Park Slope Dentistry on 8th ave and Union.

Have fun out there!

And most importantly stay SAFEBe sure to review Park Slope Parents tips for having a safe Halloween.