PSP Groups Etiquette

Basic community guidelines and etiquette for posting on the Park Slope Parents groups.

 These are the community guidelines and etiquette guidelines for posting email messages through the Park Slope Parents groups.



* Sign your posts with your name AND email address

* Reply to the group if it’s a general parenting question

* Feel free to follow up with a general THANK YOU to the group if you receive great help.

* Reply only to the individual when that's more appropriate ("Thank you," "I agree" messages)

* Create a new subject when switching topics

* Keep replies on topic

* Be respectful of other parenting styles and viewpoints

* Be courteous (if you’re mad, wait 2 hours before you send a reply to a message)

* Delete irrelevant text on response messages (including old signatures, etc.)

* Keep the subject the same (it’s easier to track the message threads)

* Search the Group's message archives to see if there is an answer to your question

* Use to find out information before you post a question



* DO NOT flame the group or individuals-- If you wouldn’t say it in person, don’t say it on the list.

* DO NOT incite negative debates.

* DO NOT use the list for Group Marketing. Parenting-related businesses are allowed to post once, and should be updated only if there is significant new information to offer.

* DO NOT send forwarded emails, chain letters, or spam.

* DO NOT reply to the whole digest, only to the individual message you're referring to.

* DO NOT use auto-replies (set your preferences to ‘No Email’ during vacations).

* DO NOT list private information such as phone numbers or addresses in group emails (only in an email to an individual).

* DO NOT post too frequently (guideline is 3 posts per week).



Group posts are “gently” moderated. The purpose of this list is to provide information and support. While this role may at times encompass discussions of broader community issues, these should remain rooted in the practical aspects of parenting, not devolve into free-ranging political debates. The moderators reserve the right to stop all non-constructive discussions and debates.

If a user posts to the group frequently with inappropriate messages in tone or content, we will moderate that user's messages prior to posting, or ban members from the list if abuse continues. Personal criticisms and judgments of others' parenting or other personal choices on the list will not be permitted. While freedom of speech is a right in the United States, participation in Park Slope Parents is not. By subscribing to Park Slope Parents you specifically agree to the rules and guidelines and to the terms for removal.

The moderators can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.