Year End Gifts for Daycare Providers

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From a parent: "I posted a question last week regarding year-end holiday gifts for daycare providers.  I didn't receive many replies, but I have posted the ones I did receive below."


*Last year our son was in daycare 4 days a week. There are 5 providers there. We decided on $75 per caregiver, and ultimately gave $80 per caregiver because it was easier to give all $20s.

*I've always taken approx 1 mo fees (we are part time) and divided amongst apprx 4 caregivers

*For nannies it seems like one week's pay is custom. So for day care does that mean one week's tuition divided by the workers?
*We are giving a small token gift along with a more substantial cash gift. That seems to be what all of my friends with nannies do so we are following their lead.

*I don't know about daycare, but for our nanny we do one week's pay in cash as a bonus, then a small gift from me and my husband (this year it will be slippers) and a small gift "from" the kids

 I asked a while back about appropriate thank-you gifts for workers at the daycare my two-year-old attends. He's been there a bit less than six months, and is leaving at the end of the month. The upshot from the people who wrote me was: cash. The $50 range seemed to be standard."


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