Tip With Confidence: The PSP Holiday Tips Survey

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Results of the PSP 2011 Holiday Tips Survey

Thanks to EVERYONE who filled out the survey for Holiday Tips and Bonuses.

Here are our Key findings:

For parents with kids either in school or employing a Nanny, year-end tips/bonuses add up to more than the average New Yorker pays. For families with a full-time nanny, a kid in preschool or K-12, living in a doorman building with a housecleaner, a car in a local parking garage, and sporting a dog walker and personal trainer, paying the average amount of year-end tips/bonuses could put them back $1,200 (the bulk of that going to the Nanny) or more.


Overall, those most likely to get tipped this year are the Nannies (92% will tip), Superintendents (90%), Housecleaners (85%), and Daycare/Preschool teachers (75% will tip). Low on the tipping list is the mail carrier (23%) and personal trainers (13%).


And what about the economy's impact on giving? Not much change from last year, with 86% paying the same amount this year than last, 6% saying they are paying more, and 8% saying less.

Here's the full survey: Holiday Tips

Thanks to Lisa, Melissa, and Alina for their help on the survey!


Susan Fox & the PSP Survey Team