Tip With Confidence: The PSP Holiday Tips Survey

Results of the PSP 2011 Holiday Tips Survey

Thanks to EVERYONE who filled out the survey for Holiday Tips and Bonuses.

Here are our Key findings:

For parents with kids either in school or employing a Nanny, year-end tips/bonuses add up to more than the average New Yorker pays. For families with a full-time nanny, a kid in preschool or K-12, living in a doorman building with a housecleaner, a car in a local parking garage, and sporting a dog walker and personal trainer, paying the average amount of year-end tips/bonuses could put them back $1,200 (the bulk of that going to the Nanny) or more.


Overall, those most likely to get tipped this year are the Nannies (92% will tip), Superintendents (90%), Housecleaners (85%), and Daycare/Preschool teachers (75% will tip). Low on the tipping list is the mail carrier (23%) and personal trainers (13%).


And what about the economy's impact on giving? Not much change from last year, with 86% paying the same amount this year than last, 6% saying they are paying more, and 8% saying less.

Here's the full survey: Holiday Tips

Thanks to Lisa, Melissa, and Alina for their help on the survey!


Susan Fox & the PSP Survey Team