Holiday Tips Survey 2013: The Results are In!

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Thanks to everyone who answered the survey! How much do folks spend on holiday tips/gifts?


Home Related Providers Average Tip/ Gift


(most frequently
mentioned amout)

House Cleaner$103$100
Daytime Doorman$80$100
Dog Walker$72$50
Parking Attendant$63$50
USPS Mail Carrier$30$20
Package Delivery (UPS, FedEx)$26$20
Ancillary Providers    
Personal Trainer$104$50
Exercise Instructor$60$25
Occasional Babysitter$55$50


Preschool/ Daycare Head Teacher$50$50
Preschool/ Daycare Secondary Teacher$42$50
K-12 Teacher$32$20
Special Services Teacher$51$25
Afterschool Service Providers  
*Note: DOE Policy does not mandate an amount for parents to give to K-12 teachers but indicates that the names of everyone in the class must be on gifts from the class.  



77% of people give their nanny a week's pay as a bonus (19% give more, 4% less).

Nanny Situation

Average Amount 2013
Range: $50 - $3000

 Overall Nanny $522
 Full Time Nanny (over 40 hours a week)
(48% of respondents)
 Part Time Nanny (16 - 40 hours)
(34% of respondents)
Part Time Nanny (up to 15 hours)
(18% of respondents)



373 responses were collected from December 3rd - December 12th, 2013 via an online survey program ( The survey was distributed online through the Park Slope Parents website, their email groups as well as published blogs and other online parenting groups.