2015 Holiday Tips Survey: The Results are IN!

Here are the findings from the annual Park Slope Parents Holiday Tips Survey.




  • Overall, TIPS are UP! House cleaners, superintendents, nannies, and teachers should be seeing more monetary in this year’s holiday stocking. Housekeepers are receiving (on average) $20 more than last year, superintendents are receiving $10 more, and nannies see close to $100.



  • Parents of K-12 students use class gifts to give. Three out of four parents (76%) give money as part of a class gift versus the seven in ten (69%) of families in preschool/daycare that give monetary gifts individually.
  • A personal touch still happens, and the option to go further is growing. One in three (33%) are giving something more than cash (homemade cookies, treats, wine) to their service providers, up from 25% in 2014.
  • The more the merrier (or poorer). Having a full time nanny and living in a doorman building with a super will cost you roughly $1500 if you give the average amounts as gifts this holiday season.


Personal Neighborhood Service Providers

Home Related Providers

Average Tip/Gift

Mode*(Most frequently mentioned amount)

House cleaner


$ 100




Occasional Babysitter



Daytime Doorman



Nighttime Doorman



Dog Walker






Parking Attendant



United States Postal Service Mail carrier



Package Delivery (United Parcel Service, FedEx)



New York Sanitation Department Garbage/Truck Recycling






K-12 teachers*

Three in four (77%) give as part of a class gift to their k-12 teachers. One in four (23%) give individually.

Type of Teacher

Average Tip/Gift


Preschool/Daycare Head Teacher



Preschool/Daycare Secondary Teacher



K-12 teacher*



Special Services teacher



Afterschool Service Providers



NOTE: Department of Education Policy does not mandate an amount for parents to give to K-12 teachers but indicates that the names of everyone in class must be on the class gifts.

*See more about holiday gifts, the do’s and don’ts as well as making it easy on the Park Slope Parents’ website page, How to Thank Teachers at the Holidays & End of the Year.


  • The vast majority of employers (86%) use the holidays as an appropriate opportunity to give what they determine as a yearly bonus and gifts.
  • Nanny year-end gifts have increased an average of $92 from last year, with nannies working more than 40 hours making almost $175 more than 2014.
  • The average end of year bonus a nanny will receive is $724.
  • 60% give a week’s pay, 18% give two week’s pay, and 22% give an amount unrelated to pay. The 2015 Nanny Survey also showed an increase in average pay which is reflected in reported year end gifts.
  • The personal touch for nannies happens in Brooklyn, with 37% also a non-monetary gift as well as a bonus and one in five kids also make a gift for their nanny.

Nanny Situation

Average Amount 2015

Average Amount 2014




Full time (over 40 hours/week) (53% of respondents)



Part-time (16-40 hours)     (28% of respondents)



Part-time (up to 15 hours) (19% of respondents)



Range $35-$3,000.


425 responses were collected from December 2rd - December 15th, 2015 via an online survey program (surveymonkey.com). The survey was distributed online through the Park Slope Parents website, their email groups and social media outlets, online blogs, and other online parenting/ neighborhood groups. The results are based on tips and gifts in Brooklyn only.